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Ultimate yacht wedding in Dubai

Make your wedding celebration as beautiful as your love and exchange vows onboard of a sumptuous yacht! Your relationship is unique. Your devotion to each other is endless. You are a couple with a dire addiction to doing things in your own way. You need an awesomely extraordinaire venue placed among ultimately unique scenery for your marriage ceremony. We understand your needs. We have something

Luxury Yacht Wedding Dubai

to offer – a yacht wedding in an infinitely posh location.

Celebrating a wedding in the middle of the internal, tranquil, deep blue sea is very symbolic and romantic as if indicating that your love will be as constant and strong as these never-ending waves. Enjoy the inspiring harmony of tantalizing sea waters, take wedding pictures against the fabulous background of Atlantis The Palm and Burj Al Arab, and start a new chapter in your life aboard an elegant yacht. Think that a wedding party on a luxurious boat will be too messy to organize? Nothing of this kind if you trust professionals to manage your big day from start to finish. Whether it is a small ceremony for just you and her or a grand social gathering with hundreds of invitees, our Dubai event planners are able to organize a fantastic wedding on a yacht with catering, entertainment, and the best service to amaze every guest.

The yacht is a perfect alternative to the regular wedding reception in a ballroom. It is an ideal venue for those who want their wedding to be unique and memorable. Say “I do” with a spectacular view of the sea and Dubai skyline.

A wedding ceremony onboard a yacht is style, luxury, and the realization of a dream that you have seen before only in the movies. And now the photographer can also shoot your celebration in the form of a photo or a beautiful video. It will be an unforgettable photo, video session, similar to the pages of magazines, where you and the beloved one will become the main characters. A short video or clip, perhaps a whole movie about you and the Emirates as a whole. Colorful bright photos will be a great reminder of this time, creating a positive mood at home every day.

Once onboard, your family and friends will witness your amazing symbolic wedding ceremony on deck, followed by a reception. While you are taking photos, your guests will be served refreshing drinks in the lounge. Your favorite music will be a perfect accompaniment to the splashing waves. It is a wonderful way to make your lifelong commitment. Then you can relax with your guests while the yacht takes you on a sail full of memories and romance. Your special day will feel ideal and unique in every aspect, especially when completed with the most stunning views of Dubai and gentle waves splash of the Gulf.

From a wedding cruise for just two of you to a lavish party that needs catering, floristic decor, entertainment artists, our experienced coordinators can organize every detail for you. Feel the warm sea breeze and the gentle waves while you and your wedding guest enjoy the sunset.
A pre-prepared celebration scenario will help to avoid unforeseen moments. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail by specialists: creating the look of the bride and groom, their morning, the celebration itself, buffet, walk, banquet, speeches, and toasts. You will not have to worry about the sequence of events and the allotted time for them, but only enjoy your Big Day. 
Create special and sincere moments of your wedding while cruising on the yacht featuring its breathtaking views of the skyline including Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.
Dubai is not the cheapest wedding location but we cooperate with the top yacht rental companies and can offer a comprehensive package for your wedding and customize the occasion until it matches your expectations:
• Enchanting wedding decoration and settings to steal everybody’s WOW
• Music, DJs, and wedding entertainment to keep the fun going
• Swimming pool and jacuzzi if you want to double the joy
• Guests reception and accommodation to ensure everyone feels at home
• Haute cuisine, drinks, and desserts to make the whole company happy 
• Experienced event decorators, photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists to show the beauty of your wedding
• Professional onboard crew to ensure the comfort and smooth sailing

• Cruise excursion to amaze your guests

• And lots of other services to satisfy any of your wedding ideas!

Dubai is founded on the shore of the Arabian Gulf. The city has access to open water. Why don’t you use this advantage for a wedding? It is possible to arrange an awesome celebration on the board of a yacht surrounded by endless water.
To begin with, let’s see what peculiarities a yacht wedding has:
- First of all, it is a romantic option. Usually, the couples that want to stay alone choose this type of celebration. Few guests are invited to the party. As a rule, the celebration is only for two. An outdoor registration takes place on the board of a white yacht. Sweethearts pronounce their vows to each other. It is possible to order musicians and other entertainment artists.
- The uniqueness of this wedding is that beloveds spend the day all alone. Annoying onlookers do not disturb them. When you’re far away from the city, surrounded by water, you can forget about the whole world and enjoy each other’s company.
- There is no need to decorate the yacht too luxuriously. The yacht is a part of the decoration itself. Add some flowers, balloons, drapery.
When the night falls, newlyweds can observe a starry sky. Megapolis lighting can overshadow the natural beauty of the sky. When you’re far away from the city, it is the right time to admire the beauty of nature and breathtaking views.
- Picturesque landscapes will be an excellent background for a wedding photoshoot. Distant peaks of city skyscrapers, water surface, newlyweds in gorgeous outfits… Be sure that the photos will be amazing. Moreover, not every bride has a photo session in such a place.
- A couple can have a voyage during a wedding day. Thus, beloved will not only spend the event together but also see the neighborhood of the city and different sightseeing.
However, like any destination wedding, this one requires proper preparation. One should book all the necessary service providers, meet with them, coordinate the process. This is a difficult and nervous task. Fortunately, there are specialized agencies that take all these concerns.
A wedding agency is designed to find, book the service providers, coordinate the preparatory process on behalf of its clients, and create a ready-made celebration for a couple. Such agencies are designed to simplify a pre-wedding process. As a result, beloveds enjoy the process and do not get nervous. If you plan to arrange a destination wedding on the board of a yacht, a wedding coordinator will help you to do it.

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