Wedding and event planning services in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most splendid and contrast cities on the planet. With its opulent palaces, ultra-modern skyscrapers, and mind-blowing fountains mixing well with world-old deserts, a hypnotizing sea, and glittering beaches, it is the city where your dreams can come true. We know that one of your most cherished dreams is a picture-perfect wedding. And we are able to translate into reality. Years of wedding planning experience in the United Arab Emirates empowered our wedding agency to develop a broad network of high-end partners, thanks to which we can offer literally an unlimited range of wedding services: unique event concept development, floral decorations, entertainment, exquisite dining options, excellent photography and video shooting to name a few.

A wedding is an important and festive event in the lives of the future bride and groom, which takes too much effort. It is important to keep in mind many details and procedures. Sweethearts and their close relatives frequently do not have time to cope with all these points themselves. Two beloved people should choose their outfits, think about the style of their wedding, make a list of invitees, and much more.

Many couples do not dare to hold the wedding abroad as the preparation process comes to be burdensome. Still, there is a way out. If you turn to wedding agency services, you’ll avoid a lot of hustles and bustles.
In order to simplify the process and make it pleasant, you may benefit from the services offered by an event agency. Our company is specialized in wedding planning. We will be responsible for venue decoration, finding the best venue according to your budget, coordination of all service providers before the event and on the wedding day, and much more.
Our coordinators should clearly understand what type of wedding you would like to have, what decoration you prefer, what type of location you want to choose, etc. We help to organize even the most creative and unique weddings. These include
1. A desert wedding. Do you want to spend your wedding under an awning or in a tent among endless sands? Desert weddings have gained popularity. It is an excellent venue where you can stay alone, observe beautiful fireworks that won’t bother anyone, and admire a beautiful star sky. We have premade and well-designed solutions if you want to have a desert wedding.
2. A yacht wedding is one more popular option. If you want to stay alone and celebrate the marriage with the closest people in an unusual place, our specialists will help you do this. They know the best service providers and have ready-made solutions, among which you’ll find the best one for yourself.
3. A beach wedding. What can be more romantic than a wedding on the sea coast? Such a wedding is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your event under an awning observing an endless sea, feeling the sea breeze, and admiring picturesque nature. And our team will ensure that everything will be organized at the highest level.
4. A symbolic wedding. We will help to make this process heartwarming and memorable. Specialists will create the necessary atmosphere so that your words sound convincing and touching.
Apart from arranging weddings, we provide services for organizing the following events:
- A bridal shower party. The celebration will be perfect if you surround yourself with the right style and decoration. We will help to create a scenario and the design of your party.
- Birthday planning. If you want to organize a memorable party, our professionals will offer several ideas, among which you’ll be able to choose the most suitable one.
- A marriage proposal. This step is the most memorable in the life of every girl. Thus, it is important to develop a unique and creative scenario that will impress your beloved.
- If you face corporate event planning, there is also something to offer you. Be sure that your holiday will be cheerful, well-developed, and unique. Our team will manage the whole process without stress.

A wedding in Dubai is an important event. If you do not speak English fluently, it will not easy for you to solve many problems when organizing the event. Moreover, the wedding agency will always offer the most suitable options for your couple.
We have already described how the first meeting takes place. Now, let’s see how further cooperation takes place. When you’re done with the discussion, now, it’s time for the wedding agency to act.
1. When our coordinator understands your idea, we'll have some options to offer. Our agency always has premade packs for each type of wedding. Thus, you can be sure that you will be offered several options for you during the first meeting.
2. If one of the offered options suits you, then the coordinator starts working with it. If not, the staff starts searching for a suitable venue and service providers. 
3. If the couple chooses a premade package, the coordinator books the wedding hall for a chosen date and solves the related issues.
4. Then, we proceed with choosing a florist or decorator. As it is a premade pack, it is most likely that decoration will be the same as for previous celebrations. However, the client can always add some changes to the design.
5. If wedding transportation is included in the package, we book the relevant car rental service and the driver.
6. When all the reservations are made, then it's time to set up a wedding menu with the client. Usually, a restaurant/hotel offers a premade menu. But the client can adjust it.
Our wedding agency (and the wedding coordinator who works with your couple) takes all the wedding concerns. So, you can forget about hustles and pre-wedding headaches.
To conclude, let’s briefly list the main pluses of hiring the wedding agency.
- The wedding coordinator has answers to all questions related to the wedding. Be sure that this person will have a worthy solution to any matter.
- The wedding planner will help with setting the budget and allocate money efficiently.
- The client will spend less time searching for vendors. A wedding agency in Dubai has already got a list of the most trustworthy specialists.
- You’ll get rid of pre-wedding hustles and bustles. Still, sweethearts will be sure that everything is under control.
- The couple will minimize risks and avoid many mistakes that beloveds usually make.
In any case, the wedding agency will be the right choice when arranging a destination wedding.