Emcees and master of ceremonies in Dubai

Even if you are the most beautiful couple this world has ever seen, even if your wedding venue is the epitome of style and exquisiteness, even if your menu takes everyone’s breath away, your wedding, still, cannot be at its fullest without a professional master of ceremonies. Oh, an MC is the orchestrator of your banquet! They set the right tone for the celebration and manage your guests’ attention: a wedding master of

Wedding Emcee Dubai

ceremonies arranges entertainment for the public, smoothes conflict situations over, and even holds restless guests at bay! An experienced emcee will turn your wedding into a fantastical journey where low mood, sadness, and irritation have no place! The matter is that finding one is a monumental challenge. We prepared some tips which will help you stumble on a fiendishly good master of ceremonies.

• Read user reviews – they never lie, especially negative ones. It is a real review that will speak volumes about the work of this or that candidate. But do not trust testimonials posted on the MC’s personal website or blog – they might be biased. Do the research on sites with objective reviews.
• Always think about the number and age range of your guests while searching for a wedding MC. A creative, hilarious boy with a sparkling sense of humor is more suitable for young, small-scale weddings while the attention of large formal ceremonies with over 150 invitees can only be retained by an adult, experienced, and authoritative MC. If you are planning a grandiose celebration with hundreds of people, you should better hire two or even three masters of ceremonies who must work in a team.  
• Do not go too far while searching for an MC for your wedding. You will not make the right decision scrutinizing portfolios of 20+ MCs. It is more reasonable to pick up 3-5 candidates, make appointments with them and select the right one.
• Make a list of questions you will ask the would-be MC beforehand. This will save you a lot of time and help you clearly understand what you want to have as a result.
• It is not a good idea to select an MC by their videos, photos, or portfolios. It is much better to actually see your candidate in full play. For this, you may ask the MC to allow you to visit an upcoming event he/she is hired to conduct. 
Remember that the success of your wedding depends largely on the master of ceremonies! 

Professional toastmasters always have several tried-and-true festive scenarios, but they are also eager to modify them to accommodate your specific preferences and an overall wedding theme. A seasoned MC feels the psychological state of the crowd and always knows the best times to pronounce speeches and congratulations. An MC will organize wedding entertainment in such a way that no one will get bored or sad but will be utterly engaged in your party and feel great. When you are selecting a master of ceremonies, before making a decision ask for examples of their work so you can see their sense of humor and charisma that will personalize the celebration as per your wishes.

Questions you should ask an MC before hiring:

• What are your payment conditions?

• Are you ready to work overtime and how much will it cost?

• Do your work alone or together with a DJ? Do you have your own musical equipment? Are these services included in your pricing?

• Are you ready to develop a unique scenario exactly for the style of our wedding?

• What will you put on for our wedding?

• How will you get to the wedding venue? Do you have a driver? 

Include your own questions to this list, if you want. While talking to the MC, pay attention to how he/she replies to your inquiries, how confident his/her behavior is, and what overall impression the candidate produces on you. If you do not like anything, you are free to refuse the offer because you definitely do not want the most important day in your life to be anyhow compromised!