Bridal hairstylist in Dubai

The bridal gown is not the only element that makes the woman look gorgeous on such a special day. Wedding hairstyle is final touch making you shine on every single wedding picture years and years after. It’s your day, so no wonder couples do their best to consider every single detail. You may want to spend a little bit of your time planning your bridal hairstyle to look fresh and amazing – we’ll be there for you with this

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article to help you decide. 

5 foolproof tips from hair studio stylists:
1. Figure out your stylistic preferences. Before even searching for a hairstylist, make up a thorough idea of what you want to feel and what impression you want to make. Think of an image that will go along with the wedding stylistics you dream about. Be it classical, rock-chic, modern, boho, or ethereal – you are going to be the queen at this party. The entire organization process can start with you, your gown, and your bridal hairstyle. Feel free to experiment and search for inspiration online.
What is also important – figure out what you don’t like. Sometimes anti-examples can be a lot more informative for your stylist.
2. Consider your hair length. It doesn’t have to limit your imagination, but definitely should let it work in the right direction. There are plenty of glam, classic, and modern looks both for long and short hair (even with no tres hair). Braided, locks, updos – there are a lot of options on Pinterest, BridalGuide, and Elle.
3. Think of your accessories. Your bridal dress may be created for a classical veil or looks complete paired with a sparkly accessory, like a tiara, Alice band, or a modern-style band, This is exactly what you need to consider in advance because hairstyle significantly depends on the accessories: veils look gorgeous with updos and classical waves, while some accessories require minimalistic sleek hairstyles.
4. Stay realistic (consider the weather, hair type, etc.). Windy climate, nicely flowing hairstyle and a bride, which hates having hair in your face is hardly a successful combo. Think of a wedding hairstyle that would last for the whole day, look luxurious and bring no inconvenience. Don’t forget about the most precious on this big day: your happy eyes full of joy and happiness.

5. Schedule a hair trial at your stylist. Although some people still think it’s a waste of time, we would suggest you take a look at your dream hairstyle in reality and give it a trial before your special event. It’s also a smart idea to consult your hairstylist before choosing the wedding hairstyle, cause the hair type and length play a huge role in it. A nice bonus: you can schedule a beautiful boudoir photo shooting for this day or just have a night out.