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Wedding flowers decoration in Dubai

The alluring floral decor is a must-have requirement if you want your wedding ceremony to be awe-inspiring and chic. But if you cannot boast solid DIY skills in floristics and still are not going to compromise the beauty and aesthetics of your marriage party, you’d better hire a professional florist. However, finding the right candidate is a tough task giving the insane popularity of having themed weddings mothered

Wedding Flower Decoration Dubai

in flowers. So start your hunt for the good florist 6-9 months prior to the celebration. Make an ideas list, set up appointments with a few vendors who are eager to work with your project, and compare their offers. 

Do not think that all the florists are made equal. In fact, there are several specializations in floristics. Retail florists are those found in the shops at every street corner. These people just sell bouquets and offer simple floral ornaments. A retail florist is a way to go if your celebration does not require intensive floral dressing. Floral designers create custom bouquets, boutonnieres as well as floral centerpieces and adornments on tables/chairs, floral islands, and floral arches tailored specifically to your wedding style. Full-service decorators specialize in complete floral arrangements, they can consult you on the floral designs and organize all the festive decor in the way you envision it.
By the way, the trendiest and most ambitious wedding floral ideas for today include:
• Garland-draped ceiling
• Floral fountains
• Topiary installations
• Hanging floral pomanders
• Staircase studded with flowers and greenery
• Floral chandeliers
• Floating floral decor
• Ombre floral runners
• Indoor trees 

Florists are well-versed in the current wedding trends and can create designs in rustic, boho, high-style, modern, vintage, and romantic styles.
How to stay cost-wise with floral embellishment? Surely, a professional florist’s services do come at a price, and the more grandiose your wedding ideas the more you will have to pay to make it happen. However, it is possible to keep the wedding floral costs under control if you:

• Consider adding more greens instead of fresh flowers,

• Reject costly flowers in favor of cheaper alternatives,

• Do not underestimate non-floral elements in the wedding decoration,

• Opt for seasonal flowers instead of imported ones and try to avoid off-season species,

• Select long-lasting flowers that can stand the weather well,

• Discuss with your floral vendor the ways to reuse your wedding flowers afterward.

What to consider prior to concluding a deal with a florist? When you have finally found the right contractor to adorn your wedding and are ready to conclude the deal, make sure your contract contains the following:
• Full contact information of the floral vendor;
• A list of full floral arrangements that must be implemented in your wedding decoration, including the type, color, and number of flowers as well as other options;
• A list of articles rented out to you;
• Time and date when your bouquets and floral decorations will arrive at the outdoor or indoor venue;
• Information of a person who will be responsible for all the floral arrangements;
• Detailed price information including the amount of deposit, incurred taxes, fees, and overtime charges;
• Payment details and schedule;
• Clearly described cancellation and refund policy
• Full name and a signature of your hired floral vendor.

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