Wedding fireworks in Dubai

Most couples are not against of spicing up their wedding celebrations with a pyrotechnic extravaganza. Adding a little wow-factor will, surely, not hurt if you plan this sparkling performance properly. Here are our recommendations on how to organize a jaw-dropping wedding fireworks display and embark on a path of married life in a luxe style. Will you tie the knot in winter or summer? The season does matter

Wedding Firework Dubai

when it comes to organizing a wedding sparkling show. Suppose it will be held in winter. Nights fall much earlier in winter compared to summertime. It means that your wedding fireworks display will occur at an earlier hour. At this point, you need to decide whether a fireworks display will be the concluding chord of your wedding ceremony or your party will go on after the brilliant spectacle.

If it is a summer wedding, your party will have to stretch on late until it is dark enough outside for a vibrant display. Do you know how you will entertain your guests during all this time?
If you want to get married in the mid-season, remember that your wedding fireworks display might be called off due to suddenly spoiled weather. So, check a weather forecast for your Big Day if you are planning a wedding fireworks display. 
Not all wedding venues will be happy with fireworks initiatives due to safety and noise concerns. Also, make sure, your wedding location provides enough outside space for such a performance. Some venues will, probably, agree with a firework display only if it is organized by a vendor they have previously worked with. So, you will need to clarify all these moments at the stage of negotiations and booking.
Once you have coordinated everything with your venue and found the vendor to bring the shine to your wedding, it is time to speak to your photographer and figure out whether he/she is ready to capture your wedding fireworks. The matter is that not all the photographers agree to work until a deep evening/night, so make sure if their coverage can be extended until after the display and how it will influence the final cost of wedding photography packages. Why not go beyond expectations and make everyone stunned with something truly unprecedented? Here are our wedding fireworks ideas which are the best ever:

• Fire writing. Make a bold love statement by having your names or initials written with fire against a dark sky! 

• Low-noise fireworks will definitely steal the show with their break-the-rule power! Some pyrotechnic companies indeed design quiet fireworks displays for venues with noise restrictions and for couples loving extraordinaire things. 
• Glittering departure. Take advantage of ground-level sparkles to line your gateway route and ensure your spectacular goodbye
• Lantern release. Chinese lanterns can be a good alternative to an expensive wedding firework display if you are not ready to waste thousands of dollars on a momentary pleasure.

From cold sparkler fountains to show-stopping displays, fireworks can be a great final accord for your wedding ceremony.

Need more inspiration for your wedding? Contact our agency right now, and we will overwhelm you with zingy, dare-to-be-different wedding ideas!