Entertainment and live music for wedding in Dubai

Dubai is associated with luxury, opulence, and flashiness. This Arabian metropolis is renowned for putting on some of the best performances the world has ever witnessed. And weddings here are conducted at full blast. Emirate people are used to sumptuousness and elegance, which is, indeed, not very good for you, if you are throwing a wedding. Why? In Dubai, wedding-goers have become increasingly sophisticated, and

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they are very hard to surprise. So we crafted a short guide of wedding entertainment ideas, which can get even the most guests skeptical in awe.

- Abracadabra. Bringing a famous magician to your wedding celebration will add a touch of mystery to the occasion and keep your guests busy with trying to solve the secret behind the trick. Professional magicians are ever inventive and have really much to offer, from card tricks and psychological illusions to mind-reading and telekinesis. 
Let’s go to the circus Living statues, fire performers, RIO carnival showgirls, balloon twisters, stilt walkers, janglers, fire performers – a circus installation on your wedding will provide marvelous walkabout entertainment for your guests to enjoy and amuse. 
- Caricature them. Your guests will never forget this day if you give them a funny keepsake of your marriage. A skilled caricaturist needs just a few minutes to immortalize your invitees in a very unusual manner and capture the spirit of your nuptials. Caution! This initiative can have your guests fight for their place in the queue with the bride in front of the line!
- Jump for joy. The hottest trend with modern couples tying the knot in summer is a bouncy castle. It is such wedding entertainment that neither children nor adults can resist. And now think of amazing pictures which can be taken on such a backdrop. No, you are not too old for it, you are just trying to make this day utterly special and enjoyable.
- Rock your wedding. Provide musical performance for your wedding party and make everyone dance, including your grandma with an experienced DJ. DJs are musical specialists who wonderfully feel the mood of the crowd and are able to make up the perfect playlist to suit your guests, both senior and young.

A wide range of artists are available for wedding entertainment programs, and hiring one of them can surely elevate your wedding to an extraordinary and unforgettable event.

Wedding types of entertainment are as endless as your love for each other – we cannot shove them all into one small article. But if you are looking for something really unprecedented for the most important day in your life, feel free to contact us, and we will overwhelm you with stunning wedding entertainment ideas, and rest assured, your package will fit both your budget and requirements, no matter how exotic they are.