Luxury wedding cars in Dubai

OK, you have found your dream partner to tie the knot with and live happily ever after. All arrangements and decisions have already been made, too: you know your wedding style, venue decoration, number of tiers in your cake, the tailor is applying finishing touches to your incomparable gown… But what about the car? How are you going to drive in family life? Here are some short tips on how to choose the

Wedding Car Dubai

perfect wedding car and make your big day even more enjoyable. Many couples fail to choose their dream wedding car due to late bookings. Searching for the right vendor should start way ahead of day X, at least, one month before. Google is to help you! Scour the web for local wedding car rental services with fixed attention to real user reviews and rates. The earlier you start hunting for a wedding motor, the better your chances to grab truly a nice offer at a fair cost (this especially matters during a peak wedding season when most relative services sour in price). Consider only those operators which work within the lemon laws. And do not go too far to be completely overwhelmed with the selection. Choose up to 5 potential wedding car rentals and make appointments with each of them, so you can examine the car and have a test drive yourself.

Your wedding car must not come as a shock on the day of the celebration, right? To make sure you don't have any unpleasant surprises, go to the vendor’s garage and carefully inspect the selected car: check its history report, make sure there are no signs of, dirt, oil, or other neglect (you do not want your madly-expensive dress to get unexpectedly smudged, do you?).

The interior should also smell well or, at least, have no smell at all! Strange or bad odor is a red flag. Think about your bridal dress while inspecting the vehicle: the auto should provide enough room for your opulent gown!

A themed wedding? Your car should match it well! A Great Gatsby wedding will be perfectly complemented with a vintage car; a rustic wedding will be at its best with a VW Kombi while a classic wedding will make a wonderful duet with a chic black or white limo. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate one of your special moments and get lifetime memories full of happiness and joy.

Craving for something romantic? What about a horse carriage ride? Timeless traditions shine in modern weddings! A car should match not only the overall wedding style but reflect your unique relationships, too. If you want something truly extraordinary or quirky, when else will you be able to do so other than your own wedding? If your heart is panting for a three-wheeled Del Boy’s yellow van, just go out and get one (but make sure, it still works).

When searching for a wedding car, consider local car rental dealers first: local drivers know the most picturesque locations for wedding photography in Dubai! They also can suggest the most optimal route from the church to your wedding disposition. Also, local car rental services do not come very expensive. Take time to read the rental agreement and clarify everything you might not understand. Before signing the contract, ask about other services included in the car rental package such as a chauffeur, special car decoration, drinks for the couple, and, surely, rental duration.

Need help with choosing a wedding car? We are all at your disposal! Contact us to have any of your wedding concerns troubleshoot.