Wedding cake ideas

A cake is the highlight of the wedding program. It is meant to grab everyone’s attention, delight everyone’s mouth, and make your guests happy that they have come to your party. If you want your wedding cake to create a furor and steal everyone’s oh-so-tasty, you should know the secrets of how to make the main treat of your wedding simply perfect. Wedding cake suppliers generally invite clients into their bakeries to

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try exemplary wedding cakes. Make the most of this opportunity! Schedule an appointment with a baker you are interested in at their bakery, come to the place, do some degustation, ask questions, and scrutinize their portfolio to fully understand the range of the baker’s abilities. It is a good sign when the baker is genuinely excited about your affair and demonstrates their commitment in every possible way.

Whether your reception requires a five-tier cake, a classic or organic one, or a candy bar full of elegant desserts and cupcakes professional bakers will make your dream of a wedding cake a reality.

Though rustic semi-naked wedding cakes are all the rage today, this style will hardly fit a formal ballroom wedding. Pick up your wedding cake style only after all decisions about your wedding theme, gown, venue decoration, dining, flower decoration, and the whole bit have been made. Obviously, your cake should complement the overall wedding style but not become a glaring sideshow. The size of your wedding cake will primarily depend on the number of people to come. The calculation is simple: 100-150 grams of dessert per person. Believe it is more than enough. Generally, a three-tiered wedding cake can serve up to 100 guests. If ceilings in your wedding location are high enough, you can choose to put columns aka separators between tiers to increase the cake’s stature and have a galvanic effect on the audience. If you are tying the knot outdoors in a hot climate, you’d better opt out of a wedding cake made of whipped cream, buttercream, or meringue– they melt and spoil very quickly. A professional baker will always consider this point and make suggestions, for example, going for a fondant-covered wedding cake – it can perfectly stand the test of hot weather. You will definitely want your wedding cake to be on display for a while to show off as it's a true masterpiece. For that, you will need a designated table for an elegant presentation. Your baker should offer appropriate options both in the form of a cake table and decorations matching the cake style (for instance, sumptuous fabrics, sparklers, or flowers). Your baker will also consult you on how to deliver the cake smoothly to the location.

Modern couples prefer to add a touch of personalization to their big day by experimenting with cake toppers. Options are limited only by your imagination: a bouquet of eatable flowers, “We Do” birds, Mr. and Mrs. Banner, Polaroid pictures of your duo, Lego figures of him and her – wedding cake toppers indeed run the gamut! Need more inspiration or advice about your wedding cake? Contact us, and we will help (plan, manage, and fulfill)!