Our most heartfelt thanks for making our nuptials truly the best day of our lives! It was an exciting and pleasurable experience to deal with you. Your patience, commitment, and desire to nurture every need are striking! Our dream wedding was fulfilled in reality thanks to you. Your event manager was so courteous and responsible, not the slightest detail could slip from her attention. She led our wedding from start to finish and made the ceremony flow smoothly and as planned, without unpleasant incidents, and we got a stunning and memorable occasion!
Anna and Maxim
Our wedding made beautiful… You know your job, it is evident. The event manager planned and coordinated the whole day doing everything it takes for an elegant ceremony: all necessary reservations, floral decoration, entertainment, and help with travel arrangements for my abroad guests. The flow of my wedding day was irreproachable, just like we had it in our dreams.
Alina and Roman
We never thought that wedding management staff could be so dedicated and knowledgeable. You went beyond all our expectations! We love that you were supporting us for all these 3 months of preparations for our big day. Our wedding ceremony was magical and one-of-its-kind in Dubai, now we know it.
Daniela and Sam

Destination Wedding Dubai

I appreciate you planned out our wedding strictly within our budget and still managed to surprise us and our guests! Blessing ceremonies are your strong suit! Sweet communication, a fountain of creativity and expertise, utmost commitment and responsibility. We got good value for our money and never regret the decision of choosing your agency for our bridal banquet. You put up a very good show amusing both us and our guests.
Inna and David
You were our one-stop solution for all wedding arrangements, from the venue and car booking to decor, entertainment, and photography! All aspects of our wedding were well-coordinated with meticulous attention to detail. Our guests were treated like kings from the start to the end, and after everything was over, some of them even asked me for your contact info! You set standards in the wedding organization business, it’s for sure.
Darya and Artem
Our wedding setup and flow shocked us. In the most positive sense of this word. It could not be better! Your passion and artfulness in organizing excellent themed weddings saved us from all the associated stress and hassle. Our Tiffany-style wedding rolled in white-and-blue decor and accessories – it looked absolutely gorgeous! We cannot stop recommending your team – words are enough to describe how happy we are with what you have done for us!
Samira and Amer