Yellow and grey wedding theme

The yellow color is beautiful already because it personifies the sun, light, and warmth. Bright yellow tones evoke positive emotions in every person. It is believed that yellow helps to overcome difficulties and make the right decisions. This bright and juicy color can decorate a spring wedding when winter is behind - nature wakes up, the first green grass

Yellow And Grey Wedding Theme

appears, in this case, the yellow color will become a ray of the spring sun.

This does not mean that exclusively yellow shades should be used in wedding decor. You can use beautiful combinations of yellow (in the form of small details) in the attire of the newlyweds, decorating the banquet hall, decorating the walls, and also in the bridal bouquet. The combination of yellow and gray shades is very original Austere gray, complemented by bright yellow colors, giving the wedding decor an amazing soulful atmosphere.

The combination of these contrasting colors is suitable for decorating a celebration of a wide variety of themes (from classics to a wedding, chosen in any particular style.) Many modern couples choose a noble gray for decorating a wedding, complemented by an unusual yellow color - this is an original combination. For red-haired girls, gray is just perfect. It must be remembered that you should not use gray as the main color in the bride's attire, just like in a bouquet. But in the groom's outfit, gray would be an excellent solution.

To decorate the wedding table, you should choose silver cutlery - they will add aristocracy to the event. Details Summer weddings… decorated in gray and yellow colors - the choice of stylish and modern newlyweds. Austere gray, balanced by active and juicy yellow, symbolizes the optimism and cheerful disposition of the newlyweds. It is important not to overdo it! On gray backgrounds, small elements (garlands, seating cards for invitees, balls, napkins) in yellow tones will look great.

A yellow wedding bridal bouquet will look like a little sun in gentle hands. In the groom's attire, to the gray suit, an original addition will be a boutonniere and an active yellow tie. However, one must remember. In everything, we need moderation and correct distribution of accents. This will allow you to combine soulfulness and vivid activity. That is why so that the guests do not think that the gray color is somewhat gloomy, little accents of bright sunny yellow should be added to the wedding accessories.

If the event is held in the summer, then gray-yellow tones in the design of the wedding are the perfect solution. The bride's outfit can be traditionally white, while the groom's suit is a beautiful gray. The bride's bouquet can be composed of white flowers complemented by silvery greenery. To decorate the hall, use gray as the main shade, diluted with yellow and gold accessories - such a background will look perfect in photographs. For an original design of a wedding Candy can combine several colors in one dessert table, for example, austere gray and bright yellow.

For self-decoration, you can use flowers made of paper of appropriate shades. Their shape and size can be very different. The dessert table can be covered with a tablecloth, which has interesting color of yellow-gray patterns. If you cannot find one ready-made, then you can do it yourself, using fabrics of the desired tones. Various sweets (cookies, sweets) should be present on the table.

I must say that the color of sweets does not have to correspond to the chosen color scheme, it is enough just to use, for example, tags painted in gray-yellow colors as a table decoration. Sweets can be placed on treat stands (single or multiple tiers), which can be easily arranged in the desired shades.

So, austere gray, combined with bright sunny accents that bring playful and bright notes to the decor, is currently at the peak of the popularity of wedding fashion. Yellow accessories, framed by aristocratic luxury, look elegant and romantic.