Winter wedding ideas to keep your guests warm

Winter weddings can be cozy, warm, and full of care. The main thing is to decorate a venue properly and consider all details in advance. Let’s see how to take care of your guests and ensure their maximum comfort throughout the whole celebration.

Winter Wedding Ideas To Keep Your Guests Warm

1. Make sure that the bridesmaids are not dressed in chiffon dresses in combination with down jackets. You can order faux fur coats. As a rule, they are inexpensive and look good either in life and on photographs.

2. You will need umbrellas to shelter from the snow. Your attendees are unlikely to take their hats with them and will definitely worry about their hair.

3. Gloves are often forgotten. Buying such hand clothes for guests will serve as a sign of care. Moreover, they can serve as the perfect favors for attendees in the context of a winter wedding.

4. Put fluffy pillows on chairs so that their seat pads don’t freeze guests. This will add either comfort or an optimal temperature.

5. In winter, we often lack warmth and comfort, and light pastel shades, such as light pink, blue, and the like, can turn your venue into the home of the Snow Queen. Take a closer look at the dark palette: rich green, dark red, gold will create a festive atmosphere no worse than garlands and other decorations.

6. Offer hot drinks to guests. In the cold season, hot beverages are always more relevant. Put mulled wine, hot chocolate, and tea on tables instead of commonplace cocktails.

7. It gets dark quickly on winter days. Consider the issue of lighting. Try to replace some of your regular lights with candles. It will create an unforgettable cozy atmosphere and bring guests together.

8. Add active contests to your entertainment program. Make sure that attendees move a lot.

9. Finally, check the venue’s heating system and ask about an optimal temperature in the premises.