Winter wedding hairstyles ideas

The winter wedding conventionally divides all brides into two camps. The first one is sure that there is nothing better than neatly styled hair for snowy weather, while others believe that neither a blizzard, nor wind, nor sudden rain will spoil their favorite curls. The eternal dilemma: curl or straighten?

Winter wedding hairstyles ideas

1. Braiding. French or voluminous braids, a “crown” made of braids – there are many ways to harmoniously weave braids into your wedding look. The plus of the hairstyle is that it will last for a long time, won’t be ruffled by the wind, and will look good even if a bride gets wet under the snow.

2. Ponytail. It can be either a smooth or curled, high or low, neatly styled or careless one. If your hair is below the shoulder blades, then you can choose a ponytail as a festive hairstyle.

3. Bun. The hairstyle is timeless classics, the height of elegance and grace, worthy even of royal weddings. The bun, like the ponytail, can be voluminous or smooth; you can make it slightly disheveled or make the hairstyle more festive by adding braiding or strands twisted into the bun.

4. Loose hair with curls. Maximum freedom and naturalness for those who are not afraid of carelessness in their hairstyles.

5. Part to assemble, part to loose. This is the compromise between the beauty and femininity of loose curls and the convenience of styled hair. Its advantages are: the face is open, there is no need to constantly put the front strands back or behind the ears. Here, various accessories for hairstyles such as hairpins, ribbons will be good helpers in creating an individual style.

6. Short haircuts. Do not think that the bride should always have a “braid to the waist”. A short haircut can also look feminine and delicate. Minimalism is the best fit for the bride with short hair. You don’t need any decorations for your hair, and if you really want to add a zest to your look, then a colorful floral wreath will serve as the best winter accessory.