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Reasons to host winter wedding

Although summer is considered the main wedding season, winter celebrations have a special charm. Such weddings are always cozy, full of warm emotions, tasty smells, and unforgettable moments. Let’s see why you should give your preference to a winter wedding.

Reasons To Host Winter Wedding

1. To begin with, it's beautiful and cozy! Sparkling snowflakes contrast with the fruits of mountain ash, you can warm up in each other's arms, wrap yourself in knitted stoles and treat guests with sea buckthorn tea or mulled wine.

2. Economy. It is evident that wedding services and wedding venues are cheaper in winter. Winter is an unpopular season for such events; thus, you can be sure that all wedding locations and services will be offered at reduced prices, or you can claim a discount. Wedding salons make discounts on wedding dresses. The rent of a venue is much cheaper.

3. Moreover, you have a wider choice. There is no excitement for venues; so, you can be sure that any location you wish will be free. Besides, you do not have to book a place several months ahead.

When it’s time to choose a toastmaster, photographer, and other service providers, be sure that they will be free, and their services will cost less.

4. Winter is the perfect time for a unique and vivid photo shoot. Wedding photos will be bright and lively! A winter photo session is all about natural light, natural blush, eyes burning with happiness. Wedding photos will keep this memory in the history of your family. Just do not forget warm accessories – knitted mittens, plaids, and a thermos!

5. “Seasonal” decor elements will perfectly match the color theme of both bright and pastel shades. Winter offers a great field for imagination. Candles, crystal, and spruce branches will become the best table decorations. And the smells of cinnamon, tangerines. and coniferous twigs will create a cozy atmosphere and turn the wedding into a snowy fairy tale.

6. Experiment with the bride and groom’s images. Fur wraps, cashmere coats, a velvet suit, long sleeves of a dress, or high gloves – all these clothing items look great in the winter season and help create gorgeous outfits.

7. Such weather conditions as extra heat or rain are excluded.

8. Decorate a festive table with traditional winter dishes. Add more meat, warm drinks, winter salads to your wedding menu.

9. One more plus is that you can choose any “beautiful” date. In addition, a registry office will be free.

10. Traditional winter entertainment can become a part of a celebration program. Let a toastmaster include making a snowman and a snowball game into the program, and be sure that guests will remember your wedding forever.

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