Winter 2019 - 2020 bridal beauty trends

Winter is the time of fairy tales, shimmering snow, and comfort. If you are planning a wedding during this period, then be sure that it will be a unique event, both for you and for your guests, because the celebration will be saturated with an atmosphere of care, warmth and incredible fairy tales.

Winter 2019 - 2020 Bridal Beauty Trends

Despite the cold, brides look incredibly beautiful in winter. If you appoint a wedding ceremony for winter 2019 - 2020, you should pay attention to these trends:

1. Relaxed hairstyle. Ideal styling is replaced by slipshod curls and protruding hair strands. Such a hint of negligence will not look bizarre if your hairdresser will be able to make it correctly.

2. A bride’s makeup. The aristocratic pallor of the skin comes into fashion. At the same time, the main accent of the wedding makeup can be made both on the eyes and on the lips. A natural bridal makeup is still in demand as it allows creating a delicate and charming image and underlining the bride’s beauty. Expressive shades of blush, which will allow you to adjust the contour of the face, are an indispensable element of a winter wedding makeup. Moreover, they will help make the bride’s face more elegant by highlighting the cheekbones. The most popular shades are coral, peach, ash pink.

3. A wedding dress. One of the main criteria for choosing the right wedding dress is its fabric. It should be tight and keep its shape. Satin, brocade, jacquard, velvet, taffeta, heavy crepe are perfect options for winter wedding dresses. A traditional atlas is still used. As for the color, then brides can afford to realize any fantasy, because any color looks gorgeous against the background of white snow. Although each bride has her own taste, maxi wedding dresses are considered the most popular style for winter.

4. Winter accessories. An outfit’s winter style is emphasized by a fur cape, which also performs a warming function. The fur cape will be an excellent choice for a wedding photo shoot. It will not only warm the bride up but also help create an elegant and graceful outfit that will look gorgeous on photos. A knitted vest or sweater is another popular option for winter photo shoots. Brides look graceful in clothes of thick knit. Moreover, such a garment will also be perfect for the photo shoot. Other details, such as flowers in hair, tiaras, earrings, should be chosen for a specific dress.

5. A wedding decor. Winter is the time when you can combine delicate colors with deep rich shades. Along with delicate shades of blue and pink, brown and crimson look great. Twigs with droplets, dried plants, and other winter elements are preferable for the winter wedding decor.