Who pays for what for the wedding?

Even at the initial stage of preparation for the celebration, it is worthwhile to divide responsibilities and clearly outline who pays for which services. Especially, if partners do not live together and do not have a common budget yet. Pay particular attention to parents’ contribution to event organization. You can pay for wedding expenses in two ways: in half

Who Pays for What For The Wedding

or based on the number of guests invited by each side.

Spending on the part of the bride

- bachelorette party organization;

- a wedding look: a dress, shoes, accessories;

- services of a make-up artist, hairdresser, manicure master;

- gifts to the groom’s parents and close relatives;

- ransom attributes;

- a buffet table before a ceremony;

- decorations for the girl’s apartment;

- a gift for the groom (if desired).

Expenses on the part of the groom:

- bachelor party organization;

- buying wedding rings;

- wedding look: a suit, shoes;

- hard drinks and sweets for ransom;

- fee for submitting an application to the registry office;

- boutonnieres for yourself and a best man;

- a gift for the bride (if desired);

- gifts to the bride’s parents;

- wedding procession and car decorations;

- a hotel room or rented apartment for the first night.

Joint spending

- invitations;

- wedding contractors: a host, a photographer, a videographer, a decorator, artists, etc.;

- accommodation for guests from other cities or countries;

- banquet venue rent;

- a wedding banquet;

- a wedding cake;

- gifts for participating in games and competitions;

- organization and conduct of the 2nd wedding day;

- honeymoon.

Now, you know who should pay for the wedding and at what stage of preparation. To avoid unnecessary expenses, be sure to calculate the amount of money that you are ready to spend on the celebration. This is especially accurate for weddings with a small budget. Both parties should reach an agreement on the estimated amount. Otherwise, if one side wants a celebration on a grand scale, and the other cannot afford it, the beginning of family life can start with mutual reproaches and grievances from both the newlyweds and their parents.

The purchase/creation of the required posters and little things for the ransom is on the shoulders of the bridesmaid.

The best man usually helps the groom pay for food and drinks, which are needed for the ransom. In some regions, the groom’s friend buys a small bouquet for the bridesmaid.