The best places to propose in Dubai

Do you feel that your beloved is the only person you want to be with? A proposal is a responsible step. For a girl, the proposal is one of the most memorable moments in life. Thus, if you want to be creative and impress your sweetheart, be ready to strain the brain.

Romantic Marriage Proposal The Palm Dubai

The marriage proposal in Dubai is an excellent option. In any case, your girl will love it. But still, there are more suitable venues for doing this step. In this article, let’s see what the best places to propose in Dubai.

1. A yacht. Dubai is a coastal city. Thus, you can take advantage of it. Rent a yacht, make a romantic dinner on its board, admire breathtaking landscapes and the sunset surrounded by endless water. This is the perfect moment to express your feelings to your beloved and make the proposal.

2. Burj Khalifa observation deck. This is the highest and most popular skyscraper in the world. Admiring and breathtaking views are opened from its observation deck. It can be an excellent venue for the proposal. Moreover, there is a restaurant on the top of the skyscraper. So, you can have a romantic dinner and propose her at that moment.

3. Hot air balloon ride. What can be more romantic than having a hot air balloon ride? Admiring the city, the desert, and the sea from the bird’s eye is a romantic and exciting pastime. Rent the balloon for two and propose when you’re high in the sky.

4. In the desert. Have an outdoor dinner or a ride in the desert. Alternatively, you can rent a tent and have a one-day trip to the desert. Spend the whole day together under the tent. When the night comes, look into a starry sky and talk about innermost. When you are all alone and admire endless sands and picturesque landscapes, say how you love your sweetheart and ask her to get married.

5. Miracle Garden. This is a famous park not only in Dubai but also all over the world. It is called “the Land of Flowers”. Each inch of the park is dotted with flowers. Thousands of flower types are planted there. Flowers create amusing sculptures, decorate arches, frame alleys. Floral arrangements are everywhere. It is a truly magical place. Thousands of flowers bloom and smell. Imagine what scent is in the air there. This is the perfect venue where you can propose and take hundreds of photos.

Dubai is too rich in unique venues for the proposal to choose a simple restaurant or cafe. If you decide to go to the city, develop your imagination and choose something outstanding and memorable. Your beloved deserves it.