Where to host a bridal shower in Dubai

Dubai is a place where tourists can find entertainment to any purpose, taste, and size of pocket. Visitors frequently come to the city to celebrate important events in their lives. Thus, the city is lavish for all sorts of entertainment. If you head to Dubai for celebrating a bridal shower, the following venues can come to your taste.

Bridal Shower Ideas, Venues In Dubai UAE

1. A yacht party

The city is surrounded by Arabian Gulf which means that you and your friends can seclude yourselves and arrange an unforgettable party on a yacht. Spending time far away from the shore means a complete absence of strangers and passers-by. You’ll be all alone. Also, you won’t disturb anyone with a noisy party.

Rent a snow-white yacht, grab swimsuits, order catering, DJ, and photographer (obligatorily). Spending time in such a picturesque place without taking a photo shoot is a crime! So, you can take photos, eat, dance, and swim. This event will leave only positive emotions.

2. A spa day

If you need relaxation and are fond of taking care of your body, a spa day is a good option for you and your friends. Dubai is the destination for world-famous masters. The best specialists from different parts of the world come to the city to show their skills. Thus, you’ll easily find first-class spas with Tai massage, Japanese spa rituals, and Finnish sauna. Spend a day in a calm relaxed atmosphere of the spa, chatting, swimming, and enjoying each ritual. Sakura Arab Spa or QUA spa are the most popular ones in the city.

3. A helicopter or air balloon ride

The desert is another Dubai attraction. Endless sands provide several opportunities to spend time with courage, extreme, and joy. For extreme lovers, Quad Bike Safari rides are offered. You can order a personal ride and have a trip in the desert with your friends. You can also ask to visit the authentic Arabian settlement and a café in a traditional Arabian style, which is located in the heart of the desert.

An air balloon ride is another exciting occupation. You’ll see the city and its suburbs, the desert, and the ocean from the bird’s eye and admire the beauty of nature. Flying high in the sky will cause a hurricane of emotions. You can rent a separate air balloon to have a private ride. After the adventure, you can have dinner in a beach café or go to the restaurant on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa to relax and share your emotions with friends.