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What to put in your bridal emergency kit

A wedding is an important and nervous event for every bride. She should manage to do a lot of things and look stunning. It is easy to forget something in a hurry and bustle. Thus, every bride should have a premade bridal emergency kit in which all the necessary things are put. According to brides’ feedback and professionals’ advice, we have compiled a list of the most important little things that a bride may need on a wedding day.

What To Put In Your Bridal Emergency Kit

So, the TOP-10 things that should be in a bridal emergency kit:

1. Matting, wet and dry wipes. The wedding is always an exciting and very touching event, during which it is simply impossible to hold back tears. In this case, paper wipes will be indispensable. Wet wipes are also useful, especially if your wedding is in the hot season. Matting wipes will help keep your wedding make-up perfect throughout the day.

2. The powder. It is very important that the wedding make-up be tough enough. It should be able to resist tears of joy and possible weather surprises. But it is necessary to readjust even the most stubborn makeup during the day. Therefore, the powder is a necessary element in a bridal cosmetic kit.

3. Lip gloss, lipstick. The color of the lips creates a single make-up and bridal image. Moreover, if you choose bright lipstick or a saturated shade. It is obvious that lipstick should always be in your bag.

4. Needles and threads. Needles of matching colors for the bride’s dress and the groom’s costume are obligatory elements in the kit. You never know what is going to happen during the day and should always be ready to eliminate unpleasant unexpected trouble.

5. Pins. Along with needles and threads, pins can become necessary at any moment. They are especially relevant for those brides who have chosen a dress with a long train.

6. Pills for headaches, and indigestion. It is a nervous day and no one is safe from headaches or indigestion. Thus, it is important to foresee such cases and put pills in the emergency kit.

7. An adhesive plaster. Whether the bride’s shoes are not comfortable, there is always a risk of getting soft corn. The plaster is an indispensable helper at the wedding.

8. A small mirror. It always helps fix make-up and be on top.

9. A manicure set with a nail file and scissors. If the bride has problems with her manicure, she can always fix it. Scissors are also needed to cut the thread.

10. Comfortable shoes. The bride spends the whole day on her feet: walking, a wedding photoshoot, dancing. It is difficult to spend the day in high heels. It is advisable to have a second pair of shoes. Comfortable shoes or even ballet shoes will become a lifesaver for every bride.

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