Wedding themes to inspire you

A wedding style is the center and foundation of the celebration. After all, almost everything will depend on the theme of the wedding: the images of the bride and groom, decor and printing, a wedding cake, and the choice of the venue for the ceremony and banquet.

Wedding Themes To Inspire You

1. Urban Chic. This style is perfect for those who like loft-style spaces but are not ready for an industrial style of the event. If your soul desires a magnificent holiday, then choose Urban Chic. Concrete, brick, metals, and wood in a beautiful bohemian setting form the basis of an urban chic wedding. Thus, for such a wedding, it is best to choose loft-style premises. Bulbs, garlands, candles will add special comfort to such an event.

The image of the bride and groom can be classic but without pomp. A black suit and a fluffy “princess” dress will look out of place in this case. A stylish suit, an elegant dress, slight carelessness of the hairstyle, and bouquet will fit perfectly.

2. Classic. This year, classics are moving away from the minimalism of recent years and shifting towards Fine Art. The style is a combination of watercolors, dusty shades, and classic luxury. It turns out to be a very interesting mix.

3. Constellations. It can be an excellent option for your wedding theme. It is perfect for celebrations in the cold season. It looks great indoors. A classic blue color is trendy this season; it is also very romantic and mysterious. So, the chosen design theme will admire guests and cause warn feelings. Moreover, make sure that the event will be memorable at least due to its design features.

4. Romance. This style is always relevant, but each season has its own characteristics. This year, a romantic wedding style will be characterized by soft pastel shades (like Mauve), delicate lighting, and a huge number of colors. For a romantic wedding ceremony, a calligraphic banner and a flower wall are perfect.

5. Eastern fusion. It is the perfect theme for a summer wedding. It combines oriental and Moroccan ornate patterns and modern trends in wedding decoration. Blue oriental patterns, colorful flowers, and yellow lemons create a beautiful, stylish, and original combination.

6. Mountains. This wedding style will hit the heart of mountain lovers. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose a venue in a mountainous area. You can create the desired atmosphere even in a city loft. Just pay attention to the details; decorate invitations, table plates, wedding cake with images of mountains.