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The ultimate guide to wedding themes

There are different wedding themes. If you’re ready to start a pre-wedding hustle, the first thing to do is to choose its style. Below, we list the most trendy ones.

Theme Sea Wedding Dubai

1. Classic. A classic wedding ceremony is elegant, graceful, and beautiful. Its beauty remains relevant even after years. If you design invitations, decorate them with calligraphy. Choose a restaurant or even a castle as the venue. Cutting a wedding multi-level cake will be a memorable part of the celebration.

2. Romantic garden. Such a wedding is simply filled with flowers. A well-groomed garden or a country estate usually becomes the venue for this kind of celebration. For decoration, romantic images and bright colors are used. The basis of floristry is mainly made up of peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, greenery, and small wildflowers.

3. Urban. The style is characterized by underlined minimalism, impeccable taste, exquisite details, and the embodiment of the wildest fantasies. The main concept of such a celebration is to avoid the standards inherent in a classic wedding. Bold experiments and unexpected solutions are encouraged in design. An art gallery or a loft-style room is a great location to hold such a holiday.

4. Rustic. A touch of lightness and casualness is the main feature of a rustic wedding. The use of natural materials and elegant details creates a touching and romantic atmosphere. Typically, these weddings are held on farms, on the lap of nature, or even in barns. Venues are usually decorated with chandeliers hanging from wooden beams and greenery tied with twine.

5. Beach wedding. This type of celebration is perfect for a tropical island or a seaside hotel. In short, for those places where the sea breeze ruffles the hair of the newlyweds when they say the words of the oath. In order to make this theme recognizable, characteristic details are used in the decor. These include driftwood, shells, corals, as well as flying, light fabrics. Picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views are the best decoration for such a wedding.

6. Bohemian. Boho weddings are a mixture of the spirit of freedom and romanticism. It is characterized by a rich color palette and lush wild flora. Such incongruous things as oriental carpets, crowns, and flower chandeliers in the decor are used. They bring the Boho style to gypsy roots. Eclecticism, hippie, hand-made, folk, and eccentricity – all these are the main peculiarities of the style.

7. Eco. In this case, only natural elements are used. Organic materials are for the design. Beige, green, blue, and white shades are for coloring. Textured fabrics are for clothes. Here, it is important to feel unity with nature in every single detail. Moss, shells, wicker baskets, reeds, ceramics, clay, and even jute instead of satin ribbons will become the perfect decorative elements.

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