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Wedding reception timeline

Many newlyweds say that their wedding day was in a blink of an eye. But to keep the ceremony and reception smoothly, a timeline is necessary. When you set the reception itinerary with your coordinator, you can avoid stress during the event.

Wedding Reception Timeline

Couples usually plan a wedding day as per etiquette and are often worried that they may offend some of the guests. For example, it will be rude not to give a speech to parents or not to let guests know when the cake is being cut.

A wedding timeline does not have to be followed to the minute, but it should consist of basic activities. Some couples even give the guests the schedule of the event to make it run smoothly.

The wedding reception has two main things the dinner and the entertainment program and dance.

• Cocktail hour for the guests. After the ceremony, the bride and groom usually take photos while guests can have a cocktail hour and chat.

• Inviting for a dinner. Before the bridal couple arrives at the venue, the guests should be already at the reception and find their tables as per the sitting plan.

• The bride and groom enter the reception. Guests usually greet them with applause.

• The parents give a speech to the newlyweds.

• The dinner. It can be served as a buffet-style of set dinner.

• Speeches of the guests. Each person should be informed that the speech should not exceed 3-5 minutes.

• Entertainment. You can choose any games, music band performances or other special activities during the reception.

• A newlywed couple cuts the cake and takes photos.

• Bride tosses the bouquet where all single women guests can participate.

• Bride and groom first dance

• All guests are invited to dance

• After the last song the bride and groom thank everyone for joining their wedding day and make the grand exit.

A wedding itinerary isn’t necessarily to be followed in a specific order. The couple can decide the activity as per their and their guest’s comfort.

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