Wedding planners vs. venue coordinators

Although both professions are relatively similar, these are two different occupations. Many people even do not see the difference between them. Thus, in this article, let's consider the difference between wedding planners and coordinators. Both individuals are designed to help couples make their day unforgettable and enjoyable. Their primary purpose is to simplify the preparatory process and help sweethearts avoid stress. Now, let's see what duties each of them performs.

Wedding planners vs. venue coordinators

Wedding Planners:

These people assist beloved in the course of the whole preparatory process. Their duties embrace a wide range of services. They will

- Provide contacts with reliable vendors with whom they have already worked;

- Coordinate the whole logistics;

- Help a groom and bride develop an appropriate style of the celebration;

- Visit all venues and service vendors with beloved and assess the provided options.

- Keep track of the wedding budget;

- Book the necessary venue/services and negotiate prices;

- Contact all service providers on behalf of a bride and groom and tell them what and how to do.

Wedding planners are all-encompassing people who thoroughly perform all duties for wedding arrangements.

Wedding Coordinators:

These individuals serve as consultants. Usually, they are hired for a short period to help cope with specific tasks. For example, suppose a bride and a groom want to arrange the celebration themselves but forget about all the duties on the wedding day. In that case, they can hire a wedding coordinator to perform all responsibilities instead of them. Usually, these people watch for logistics matters. Wedding coordinators will

- Take all the chores and watch for particular work implementation;

- Not assist you during the whole preparatory process;

- Not suggest some decorative ideas or options;

- Not suggest wedding vendors or services;

- Not book services or venues; ask for a price reduction.

Wedding planners will spend all the time with you from the first day of the preparation up to the Big Day. The person will help find the best options for your celebration, listen to your wishes, and help create the best wedding ever. Generally, you need this specialist to avoid all the chores connected to a wedding routine.

Wedding coordinators will be helpful if you want someone to control and solve particular tasks without engaging this specialist in your wedding routine. This person will help you if you head the preparatory process but avoid stress on the wedding day and ensure everything is under control.