Wedding guests etiquette

Most of the rules of etiquette are quite simple and are often understood even intuitively. It is not so difficult to be an attentive and tactful guest whom you want to invite over and over again.

Wedding Guests Etiquette For Attending Indoor Outdoor Weddings

1. Don’t strive to play the first violin.

The main rule of any solemn event is to remember who is the “star” of the celebration. In the case of a wedding, it is obvious that the bride and groom are the main characters. The scenario of the event is prepared taking into account the wishes of the “star”. Thus, if you are not directly approached with such requests, you should not advise how to spend the evening, recommend the choice of outfits, menus, banquet hall, musical accompaniment, etc.

2. Respond to the invitation as soon as possible.

To be invited to a wedding is an honor, this is the most important event for the bride and groom, even if this is already the 5th wedding in their life of them. By sending a response in the nearest future, you will show reciprocal respect. Not responding to an invitation or confirming participation, but not coming in equally impolite and even offensive. If any circumstances have arisen in your life, which will prevent you from visiting the celebration, you should immediately inform them about it. It will be very nice, despite your personal absence, to send a bouquet of flowers or a gift to the newlyweds.

3. Follow the schedule.

The invitation usually indicates not only the time and place but also the number of invitees. These details are usually determined by the format and scenario of the celebration. If the invitation says “for 1 person” or “with a spouse”, then this formula should be followed. If newlyweds do not indicate that they would be happy to see your children, friends, pets, and so on at their celebration, you need to respect their desire.

4. Follow the dress code.

“Dress code” is usually indicated in the invitation; especially, if a themed celebration is arranged. If the invitation states to be in pink, then this is what you need to do, even if this shade is not your favorite one.

To appear at a wedding in a dress code different from the specified one means to show not creativity and independence but disrespect and bad manners.

5. Turn off your phone.

Or at least put it on vibration mode. The best way to ruin a wedding is to hear someone's smartphone trill when pronouncing a romantic vow.

6. Do not discuss or condemn

Any wedding, like any celebration, even with the most careful preparation, can contain minor flaws that often exist only in the subjective perception of one or another participant. For example, organizational overlays, not the best choice of a musical group, a failed dish, a controversial seating arrangement, etc.

Guests should keep all considerations on this matter to themselves and take them into account when planning their own celebration.