Wedding flower trends 2022

Wedding bouquets are one of the stylish and essential elements of your wedding day. Their appearance and composition depend on the bride's desire, the venue's design, and the event's general color concept. Thus, the following ideas are trendy this year.

Wedding Flower Trends 2022: The Prettiest Bridal Bouquets

Floral Trends for 2022 1. Artificial elements were widely used when making flower wedding arrangements. Now, naturalness has completely replaced this idea. Brides give preference to live flowers exclusively. 2. The emphasis on the center of the composition also came into vogue. For these purposes, one main plant is selected, around which a design is created to emphasize its uniqueness and unusualness. 3. Monochrome is determined not only by pastel shades, which are combined with the bride's dress but also by bright accent elements. These can be maroon flowers matched with the bride's bright makeup. 4. Roses will never become outdated. Still, the classic bud is popular with newlyweds, and peony varieties are also common. 5. The vine is found both in the decoration of the hall and in other components. Brides try to add light hanging twigs to the overall structure, adding a slight casual touch. 6. In terms of packaging, minimalistic designs have become the most popular. You can order a wedding bouquet with a satin ribbon tightly twisting the legs of the plants. It allows emphasizes the smell itself but not it's wrapping. Popular Flower Varieties The bride's bouquet, a photo that will become an addition to the holiday album, is an essential element. Thus, flowers should be appropriately matched. The most popular ones include: 1. Roses. It is a classic solution for any celebration. White or cream buds look great in photographs and give the composition any desired look. Various varieties of plants are used: from large to tiny bush buds. 2. Pion. This option is seasonal and may not always be found in flower shops. However, if you're the bride's lucky, you can use it to make a stylish and lush accessory. 3. Lilies. These flowers have always personified tenderness. Their presence in a wedding bouquet will give it additional volume and lightness and create a delicate fragrant trail. 4. Orchid. The most minimalistic and delicate flower. It is perfect for creating solemn arrangements, and a rich choice of colors will make it multipurpose. 5. Wildflowers. Such options are perfect for Boho and Rustic weddings. Small flowers will create a neat and very delicate impression. Now, lavender, chamomiles, and even cornflowers are in demand. 6. Irises. It is another seasonal flower with very delicate petals and beautiful bud color. Arrangements can be created from classic purple varieties, and white or burgundy lowers. Among these plants, you can find large species with large inflorescences and tiny neat buds. Whatever the flower arrangement, the main thing is that the bride likes it. Only the freshest flowers are selected for the bouquets to ensure their perfect look throughout the wedding day.