Wedding Floral Trends for 2020

Flowers are an indispensable element of every wedding. It serves as its main decoration. Every bride holds a beautiful bouquet during the celebration. Flowers are also used to make the venue (a banquet hall and a registration arc) delicate, romantic, and festive.

Wedding Floral Trends For 2020

Flowers are always associated with purity and tenderness. Thus, such floral elements are perfect for weddings decoration. We’ve found out that there are two main directions of flowers usage in wedding decor. Let’s consider both of them.

1. A wedding bouquet This year, designers do not urge brides to choose any particular flower or bouquet. Therefore, brides are free to choose what they like, diluting a feminine bouquet with luxurious details such as multi-colored beads, sweet marshmallows, satin ribbons and even natural pearls. All these elements add lightness and elegance to the bride’s image. Despite every bride can choose any flower, traditional roses seem to be commonplace. In order to “freshen up” the traditional choice, florists advise replacing ordinary roses with peony bush roses. These beautiful flowers continue to be at the peak of popularity in wedding floristry. The majority of brides prefer making the wedding bouquet from original flowers. For brides, who want to underline the beauty of a chosen season, it is recommended to chose the following flowers:

- for autumn, anemones, dahlias, asters, callas and even artichokes;

- for winter, flowers of violet, gray, white and pink shades are best suited. Do not forget that for the wedding bouquet it is worth choosing non-freezing flowers such as tulips, carnations, forget-me-nots, hyacinths, roses;

- for spring, you can add sprigs of willow or lilac to the bouquet;

- for summer, pay attention to garden flowers: daisies, crocuses, zinnia, asters.

Regardless of such a diversity of rare and beautiful floral decoration, ranunculi and peonies are still popular!

2. The hall/registration arc decoration. If you decorate your registration arc with floral elements, be sure that it will look stunning and picturesque, and wedding photos will be gorgeous. Flowers should be chosen depending on newlyweds’ preferences and tastes, the season, and the above-mentions list. Stylish bouquets with flowers and greenery serve as an excellent decoration of your venue. The main thing is to choose the preferable color design and floral decoration and make sure that they match each other. If you hire a decorator and a florist, they’ll help you make the right combination.