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Wedding Etiquette Rules You Should Never Break

While the preparatory process of the wedding, it is worth remembering wedding etiquette. There is a set of rules that you have to pay attention to when planning the event. Let’s discuss them now:

Wedding Etiquette Rules

1. Invitations. What should one include in the invitation card? It is necessary to specify the following information: the names of the groom and the bride, the name of the guest, the date of the wedding, the venue of the ceremony and/or the banquet and time of their beginning, a dress code, etc. When should you give wedding invitations? According to the generally accepted rule, this should be done at least 2-3 months prior to the event.

2. Guests’ outfits. It is a well-known fact that it is forbidden to put on a white garment at the wedding. If the bride chooses another color, then the rule corresponds to that shade. Guests should avoid the color of the bridal wedding dress. For men, a classic suit is required (unless a dress code provides for another outfit). Wearing a tie or a bow tie is possible but it’s not mandatory.

3. Newlyweds’ kisses. The chants of “Now a kiss!” certainly oblige the bride and the groom to merge in a sweet kiss to the joy of all guests. But do not forget that a large number of people are looking at you: parents, grandparents, friends. Moreover, the camera is always directed at you. Don't get too excited. Leave the hottest kisses for the first wedding night – during the wedding, more delicate lip touches will be appropriate.

4. Toasts. According to the rules of wedding etiquette, the bride’s parents should deliver the first toast, and immediately after that – the groom’s parents come. Next, the closest relatives make toasts: grandparents, siblings, and godparents. Then the word is given to the maid of honor and the best man. It is also worth paying attention to topics that are raised in toasts. So, it is strictly forbidden to mention any ailments, speak on medical topics or talk about the previous relationship of the groom with the bride.

5. Gifts for newlyweds. The choice of wedding gifts is a personal matter for each guest. Nowadays, it is popular to present money. Nevertheless, every invitee is free to choose any other option (for instance, a trip, a certificate, or household appliances). As a rule, the amount of the gift should not be lower than $100.

6. Thanks to guests. Newlyweds should also thank the guests who came for the holiday. Small gifts (for example, souvenirs or sweets) which invitees can take away with them after the wedding will help. You can attach name tags to gifts and leave them on a separate table or put them on the table next to guests’ places in the banquet hall. Also, do not forget about verbal thanks to the invited people. Closer to the end of the celebration, the bride and the groom traditionally give a small speech in which they thank their parents and all invitees.

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