Wedding dress by figure type

Have you decided to take an important step – to get married? One of the big tasks when planning a wedding: choosing a wedding dress to become the most charming bride. How not make a mistake? The first rule to follow is to evaluate models based on their physique. Then there is style and personal taste.

How to Choose The Best Wedding Dress Style For Your Body Shape?

* Brides who have narrow shoulders, a "wasp" waist, and wide hips demonstrate the so-called "pear" figure. The right wedding dress for them is one that delicately distracts from the bottom and increases the importance of the upper body, balancing the figure. For example, a dress in the Empire style, which has a simple skirt, but the most complex top. All dresses with horizontal cutouts in the chest area, open shoulders, charming flounces, and appliques in the upper part of the dress, are for you. It is recommended to avoid V-necklines and all "mermaid" models that emphasize hip-width.

* A bride with broad shoulders and narrow hips has a body shape of an inverted "triangle", and in most cases, this is a sporty woman. For such brides, there are two options - Empire style dresses and "mermaid". Focus on additional small details, such as slits, crystals, or diagonal embroidery. Having reduced up, you can choose the most magnificent skirts, with flounces, bows and a train.

* A figure with broad shoulders and hips and a narrow waist, shaped like an hourglass. The only one of all types is perfectly combined with any model of a wedding dress. The mermaid dress is still ideal: it emphasizes a narrow waist – the winning side of the figure.

• When the bride's waistline is not visible, the body is visually rectangular, and the hips are almost the same volume as the waist. Such a body has a slightly masculine aspect, and for this reason, it would be good to choose a dress that softens and makes the figure more feminine, creating light curves. Soft dresses with spacious skirts in the style of a princess are great, belts with precious stones are possible that can emphasize the waist.

* Finally, those who, of course, find it harder to find a suitable dress than others, women with an apple-like physique, brides who have extra pounds in the abdominal area. The strengths of the body, namely roundness, and smoothness, will emphasize the soft and flowing wedding dress made of expensive fabrics. Your wedding dress should highlight the neckline, avoiding emphasizing the waistline. Heavy and rigid fabrics, such as the mikado, are very good, which hide small defects of the "apple" body better than others.

It is important to remember that no woman is perfect. So don't be afraid of flaws and come up with the right unique dress to hide them. It doesn't matter what type of figure you are. There is a perfect dress for every bride and everybody!