Wedding dress: should you buy or rent?

Every girl dreams of a snow-white magnificent outfit since childhood. However, when it comes to wedding spending, all childhood dreams are shattered on the sharp cliffs of reality and all brides face one dilemma: should they rent a dress or buy it? In this article, let’s try to solve this question.

Wedding Dress Renting Vs. Buying

Pros of renting the garment:

- It is an economical option for couples with a limited wedding budget;

- No need to leave place for the attire in a wardrobe and store it there for ages;

- An opportunity to choose the ideal apparel of any brand with exclusive design and decor at a reasonable price;

- No need to spend a huge amount of money on one dress that will be worn once.

Cons of renting the attire:

- Some girls do not want to part with the dress with which they have so many lovely memories. Brides want to keep their wedding clothes as a sweet memory or present it to future generations.

- Brides won’t feel relaxed and cheerful as they will worry about how not to tear or smear the attire throughout the celebration. They will be constantly nervous and will not be able to enjoy their main holiday.

- Someone has already worn the garment or will put on your dress.

Pros of buying your own apparel:

- A bride will keep her wedding clothes after the wedding. It is only her attire and she decides what to do with it: sell, present, or store.

- An opportunity to admire the outfit and remember an important festive day, show it to children and relatives.

- If you sell the garment, you can partially refund its cost.

- A chance to choose any model from the catalog.

- During the fitting process, a bride can make changes, and adjust the decor and the apparel itself to fit her figure.

- If you choose a short wedding garment or a simple model without extraordinary decor, it is possible to wear it afterward as a solemn bridal dress at parties and other ceremonies.

- A pleasant awareness of the fact that only you possess this royal outfit.

Cons of buying wedding clothes:

- Wedding apparel takes a lot of place in the wardrobe. Thus, there is a problem with where and how to store the attire.

- New wedding clothes are more expensive.

- After the wedding, you should spend additional money on cleaning and repairing it.

As you see, every option has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, every bride should think over the issue, weigh the pros and cons, and decide for herself what option is appropriate, so that the wedding day is filled with exceptionally bright positive emotions.