Wedding color mistakes

On the one hand, a wedding is an important and responsible event. Couples get prepared for the celebration for months. Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to avoid some common mistakes.

Wedding Color Mistakes

On the other hand, the wedding is an expensive event. Many sweethearts try to reduce expenses at least somehow. They prefer to save money on inviting a professional decorator. Although decorating seems to be an easy task, in practice, it turns out that couples tend to make mistakes. Thus, let’s consider the most popular ones to make sure that you’ll avoid them.

1. Decorate something that is beautiful itself. This mistake is mostly applied to chairs. This is the biggest pain of all professional decorators. Chairs are decorated in those cases when they are not beautiful. To hide a simple design, you can put on a pretty styled cover on a chair. In all other cases, it is a useless waste of money. Some locations offer beautiful chairs with unique designs. Do not waste time and money to make them better. You’ll only show a bad taste.

By the way, you should not necessarily decorate venues. If you choose a picturesque location as your banquet hall, there is no need to spoil the existing interior.

Outdoor location decoration is last but not least. Nature is the best decorator. If you have a picturesque venue with breathtaking landscapes, do not try to add something more. Sometimes it is better to leave the location as it is.

2. Try to use the chosen “style” in an inappropriate wedding venue. What does it mean? For example, if you want to choose a white & blue palette, but your venue is made in gloomy dark & red colors, you have no chances to succeed. Your delicate white color theme will look ridiculously matched with the design of the hall. Thus, try to match your tastes and the chosen location somehow.

3. Mix of styles. When choosing a wedding style, first, you should realize which one you like and want. Then, it is advisable to look through photos on the Internet. Thus, you’ll understand what decorative elements are relevant for your celebration.

4. Stick to stereotypes. For example, do not think that the color palette should comprise only two colors. If you know how to use a color wheel wisely, your wedding color palette can include more shades.

Assess the chosen venue before creating the plan of decoration. In some cases, it is unnecessary to make a special background behind the newlyweds’ table. It all depends on the location.

However, not only couples make the above-mentioned mistakes. Decorators also make the same mistakes sometimes. Thus, look through the portfolio of the chosen decorator to make sure that you have similar tastes and points of view.