Wedding ceremony ideas

Recently, outdoor wedding ceremony has gained popularity. A registry office seems too commonplace, and an outdoor ceremony will help make the wedding unique and inimitable. The advantage of such an event is the endless number of possibilities for holding it. Even the wildest dreams can come true, starting from registering a marriage on a seashore to

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

exchanging rings on board a helicopter.

1. Marriage ceremony in a balloon. For those who are not afraid of heights and literally want to get married in heaven, it will be an unusual but quite real idea. The feeling of ease of flight, unforgettable landscapes – all these will be remembered for a long time by the newlyweds.

2. Underwater wedding ceremony. Thrill-seekers will love this type of ceremony. It could be the Red Sea with many unusual fish and corals around or an ordinary pool on the territory of a beautiful country house. You can put on rings in wedding or scuba diving suits. It is recommended to hire a photographer with special equipment to capture the entire process of the underwater ceremony.

3. Horseback wedding ceremony. Marrying on horseback is an unusual idea. Before having a wedding, you need to take lessons from an instructor in order to confidently stay in the saddle on the holiday. You should also agree with the hippodrome about the event in advance.

4. A wedding ceremony in the mountains. Offsite wedding in the mountains is another great idea for an unforgettable ceremony. The event can be organized in warm weather when everything is already green around or you can marry on a snow-covered peak.

5. Wedding in the forest. A wedding ceremony in the forest can be organized not only in the daytime but also in the evening. It is important to decorate the chosen venue beautifully. Make an unusual arch of flowers, decorate the trees with beautiful garlands with glowing lanterns.