Wedding centerpiece ideas that will upgrade your ceremony

For most people, a wedding is one of the most important and solemn events in life. So, everyone wants to make this day perfect. To achieve this result, a couple has to pay attention to every little detail. This applies to not only the outfits of newlyweds, the choice of a venue, but also the correct design of a wedding table. Guests will spend most of the

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Ceremony

celebration at it. It is important to think over its decor in advance so that it supports the general idea of the holiday.

Recently, it has been popular to decorate a wedding celebration in a single style, which can be traced in colors and decorative elements.

1. If you arrange the wedding in winter, artificially snow-covered twigs, vases with compositions, as well as a variety of snowflakes or cones may be present on the table. White and light blue shades are suitable as the main color.

2. For celebrations in fall, tables and a venue can be decorated with compositions of fallen leaves. Branches with ripe red rowan trees are suitable as additional elements. The color palette of an autumn wedding consists of the following shades: golden, tea, marsala, orange, beige, chocolate, yellow.

3. Spring weddings are associated with reborn. This time of the year represents the awakening after a long winter sleep. Thus, twigs with still unblown leaves may be present on the tables. For late spring, flowers are chosen as the main decorative elements. The predominant shades will be all bright colors, namely pink, green, lilac, purple, lavender, blue.

4. Summer celebrations cover the richest natural season. This is harvest time, so the wedding table can contain different wildflowers, as well as interesting compositions of dried flowers, ears, and fruits. The following colors are suitable for decorating a summer wedding: turquoise, raspberry, burgundy, light green, peach.

5. Electricity will never convey all the wedding thrill. To emphasize the romance and tenderness of the celebration, candles must be present on tables. They can be found in candlesticks, candelabra, vases of water, or other objects that highlight the natural beauty of a burning flame.

Some newlyweds strive to make their wedding as original as possible. To do this, they use the most unexpected objects as decorations for tables. Among them there are:

- composition of dry branches with red rowan;

- a wreath of ears;

- small armfuls of dry grass with inserted cornflowers;

- old embroidery hoops with lace;

- balls made from twine soaked in glue;

- glasses decorated with linen and burlap.

These elements will help reflect the beauty of the chosen season for the celebration and make your holiday original.