Wedding anniversary on a budget in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxurious resorts and restaurants. It is a first-class capital for rich people. So, in any case, you should prepare your wallet and be ready to spend more money than in other places.

Where To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary On A Budget In Dubai UAE

If you choose Dubai as a destination for your wedding anniversary celebration, but your budget is limited, consider the below-mentioned options: 1. A beach café The city is rich in all sorts of beach cafes to any taste or size of the pocket. You can book a table right on the beach, taste delicious food, admire picturesque views, and spend time in lovely company. Pay attention to the following cafés: Breeze Beach Grill, Parker’s, Al Ijaza, HOLA, and “Pot, Pans, & Boards” Restaurant. 2. A yacht party Rent a yacht and make a secluded party. Make sure that no one will disturb you. Order all the staff (music, catering, animators, photographers) to entertain you. This way can turn out to be more budgetary rather than a commonplace dinner in a restaurant. Spending a day surrounded by water, you’ll admire landscapes, run away from routine, and enjoy spending pastime with your bosom people. 3. A Miracle Garden This is a world-famous park with awesome floral sculptures and arrangements. Every inch of the territory is decorated with flowers or greenery. This is the perfect place to take photos, stroll through shady alleys, and admire the beauty of sculptures. This is an obligatory attraction to visit on tourist lists. You can gather guests and spend several hours taking gorgeous photos and enjoying rest. 4. A spa or sauna Renting the spa or sauna for a day is a popular kind of rest nowadays. It is an excellent way to relax and avoid casual matters. Skilled massage masters will make you feel relaxed and treat your body with care. You can order catering and arrange a buffet party, swim in a swimming pool, and rest in a Jacuzzi while chatting with friends and celebrating an anniversary. 5. A picnic in a desert The desert is another peculiarity of the city. You can have a camel ride or an extreme ATV ride through the desert. Then, you can visit an authentic desert café or make a picnic under a tent. Be sure that you’ll be all alone in the desert and can spend time the way you like. When having a picnic in the desert, other types of activity are possible, so this time won’t be lost. Although these kinds of activities are also quite expensive, they are considered the most budgetary in the city in comparison with other options.