Wedding anniversary date ideas to do in Dubai

Dubai is a romantic place. Why? Hundreds of men pick the city to propose to their sweethearts; hundreds of couples choose Dubai as a destination wedding. Thus, spending a wedding anniversary in the city will be an excellent option. Let's see how you can arrange an anniversary date in Dubai to remember it till the end of your life.

Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas To Do In Dubai

1. A romantic dinner aboard a yacht. Rent a snow-white yacht, order live musicians and catering, and spend an amazing evening somewhere far away from the coast. Your board will be washed by an endless ocean, you’ll admire the night sky and city lights glowing in the distance. This is the perfect time to stay together, cherish this time, and recall all the moments that you have passed through together.

2. A camel ride for two in the desert. The city is surrounded by the desert, where camel rides, safari tours, and air balloon rides are regularly held. You can pick any option, but the first one seems to be the most romantic. When riding animals and being surrounded by endless sands, you will feel unity with nature and each other. Staying together is the best option to spend this event.

3. Having dinner in a seaside cafe/restaurant. Find a quiet cafe with a secluded table and spend several hours there. Visit the venue in the evening when the sun sets and its rays play on the water surface, admire this picturesque view, and breathtaking nature while having a romantic dinner, chat with your beloved, and do not think about a routine.

4. Visit an observation deck of Burj Khalifa and stay in the restaurant. At the top of Burj Khalifa, there is the highest observation deck, from which you can observe the city, its suburbs, the desert, and the ocean. These views will make you take your breath. When you get enough emotions from admiring Dubai, you can stay on the same floor to have a solemn dinner as there is a luxurious restaurant. First-class cuisine, live music, a romantic atmosphere… everything contributes to a comfortable stay and enjoying the moment.

5. A night in the desert under a tent. The last but not least option is perhaps the most romantic. Rent a tent, go deeper into the desert (there are special areas for spending time), and have a kind of escape from everyone. Make a romantic dinner under a tent, admire sands and barchans, stars in the night sky. The night is the perfect time for sincere talks. So, you won’t forget this night in the desert.

In any case, Dubai is ready to offer a wide variety of ideas for all purposes and events. So, you won’t feel upset with your anniversary trip to the city.