Smart ways to save money on your wedding

A wedding is a brightest and most important event in the life of a young couple. Every girl wants a beautiful and rich wedding. But not always the newlyweds can afford it. For wedding expenses, young people sometimes have to borrow from friends and acquaintances or take out a loan, but you should not start family life with debts.

Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding: Genius Saving Tips

It is quite difficult to save money on a celebration, but it is quite realistic to do it. You need to start saving even at the planning stage of all stages for the wedding, and not when more than half is already done. Remember that the time for the wedding should also be planned in advance. - Saving on a dress. Nowadays it is quite possible to buy an outfit for a reasonable price. By the way, most brides know from their own experience that an expensive and desirable wedding dress did not bring the expected joy. Thoughts were only about the beauty and high cost of the dress, not about comfort and that it really is yours. So don't repeat their mistakes.

- Try to save money on accessories: gloves, veil, handbag, and jewelry. Instead of jewelry, it is better to buy jewelry. Gloves and handbags can be discarded all together. Shoes and a veil are better to look for at sales. In wedding salons, prices are always inflated.

- For the groom in this regard, everything is much simpler. He will fully support the idea of buying a budget, but fashionable suit. Maybe even settle for your old suit, which has been used a couple of times. You can update the suit with a new shirt with a tie or a bow tie. If you still did not find a good suit, and it is expensive to buy, then it is better to contact the rental salon. Or you can also sew to order.

- Another way to save money on a wedding is to narrow down the list of invited guests. It is not necessary to call distant relatives, second cousins, or sisters through the ninth knee. Perhaps you have never even seen them in your eyes, and after the wedding, it is also not a fact that you will see them. And it will be necessary to cover for them, as well as for close people. To analyze the list of invitees and feel free to cross out those you don't know personally. Or as a new trend which gained popularity the recent years is the destination wedding for two, for a groom and bride only.

- After determining the guest list, it is worth starting to search for a place to hold a banquet. The most economical option is to go on a trip immediately after the official ceremony. Another budget option is a buffet. Quickly noted, after which we go on a trip with the money saved. Now it's easier with this – there are reception halls at the registry offices, which you can use. You can also hold an exit ceremony and celebrate a holiday in nature. Well, those who want to celebrate the celebration more traditionally will have to look for a good and inexpensive place. The price also depends on the location. In residential areas and on the outskirts it will be cheaper, in the center it will be more expensive. You can look for an institution that has just opened, they make discounts, while the level of service is quite high. To make the hall look beautiful and rich, decorate it yourself.

- It is better not to save on food and drinks. However, you can try to lower the price. For example, arrange for drinks (including alcohol) and fruits to bring their own. It is better to buy drinks in wholesale stores, where they give a good discount. It is better to order dishes from seasonal products, so it will be cheaper and everything is fresh. Thus, you can reduce the cost of food by about 10%.

- You can safely save on wedding transport. Rent a bus for guests and a car for newlyweds. If friends or relatives have a couple of cars, it's also very good, you can ask them to help with this.

- Photos and videos. In the modern world, most couples refuse a photographer, arguing that, so, everyone will shoot on the phone. But the quality of these photos leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is better to ask a person who has a professional device. It can be someone from friends, relatives, or acquaintances who are engaged in photography. The videographer can also be found through friends or social networks. But it is better not to order photos and videos at the registry office. There the cost is too high, and the quality will not please you.

- Entertainment part of the event. For the entertainment part, it is most often customary to invite a toastmaster, emcee, and a DJ. It turns out that it is quite expensive. But it will be boring without music and contests. This case can be assigned to one of the guests. Find an interesting scenario, edit it to suit your wishes, insert a guest list and the entertainment part of the event is ready.

- Flowers and decorations. The bridal bouquet of the bride in salons is expensive. It is better to order a modest and exquisite bouquet in a flower shop. A nice bonus will be if the boutonniere for the groom goes as a gift.

- Instead of fireworks and fireworks, you can use helium balloons or sky lanterns.

Remember, an inexpensive wedding is not always a modest and small holiday. This is a celebration that is planned competently and in advance. It does not matter which wedding is budget or rich, it is important that it brings happiness and joy to the newlyweds!