Ways to save money on a wedding dress

A wedding dress is one of the main details of the celebration. Often, a significant part of the wedding budget falls on its purchase. Let’s find out how to reduce the cost of a wedding outfit without sacrificing its quality and beauty.

Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Dress

1. Rent the attire. The wedding dress is clothes that are worn only once in a lifetime. For those girls who do not want to leave it as a pleasant memory or for future generations, renting the attire seems to be a perfect choice. Typically, this service is about 50% of the garment’s full cost, and this is a considerable saving. Cons: You will have to worry about its condition throughout the wedding. This option is suitable for not squeamish girls.

2. Buy a second-hand garment. Buying second-hand apparel is another economical option: one wore it only once but the price can be several times lower than the cost of a new dress. In addition, you do not have to worry about how not to smear or tear your clothes. So, from the point of view of peace of a bride’s mind, this option is preferable to rent. Cons: limited model and size range, fitting in a place convenient for a seller/at a convenient time. The option is not suitable for squeamish girls and those who believe in signs.

3. Sew wedding attire in a tailoring and dressmaking establishment. You can save money using this method only if you want to copy a wedding dress of a famous but very expensive brand. Sewing dresses on order is a costly affair. But you have a chance to sew the garment of your dream, create a unique style, combine several models in one clothing, choose fabrics and decor, and finally get the dress that fits perfectly. If you prefer this method, keep in mind: that the cost of the apparel directly depends on its style, the abundance of decorative elements (such as sequins, embroidery, so on), and whether it was handcrafted. Cons: high cost; long tailoring time; lack of a 100% guarantee that you’ll get an expected result.

4. Find apparel in an ordinary shop. It’s a well-known fact that the word “wedding” in the names of services and agencies adds half of the products’ cost. Thus, if you go to a “wedding agency”, prices for clothes are automatically doubled. If you go to an evening dress shop, you can find suitable apparel cheaper. Cons: this option is suitable for brides who want to buy an ordinary solemn dress.

5. Wait for discounts. If you have much time before your wedding, it is possible to watch for sales and price trends. In the off-season, you can buy the attire with a discount. Cons: it is necessary to wait for a long time.