Ways to personalize your wedding ceremony

Although a wedding ceremony is considered a formal part of the celebration, every bride can add some individual features to personalize the process. If you want your guests to feel your mood and associate the event with you, try to make the ceremony similar to your personality. How to do it? Let’s consider this point in the article.

Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

First of all, you should think over your character features that distinguish you from other people. What associations are born in your friends’ minds when someone asks them to characterize you? You can even make a poll to learn the most common answers.

1. If you have a pet and are crazy about animals, you should invite it to the event. For example, the dog can bring a basket with rings.

2. Pick your favorite music for the registration procedure. For example, it can be a track that is associated with you.

3. Plant a tree together with the groom and guests. This is the perfect option to make the process creative. A young tree symbolizes a birthday of a new family. The wedding ceremony is the right time to do it.

4. Ask your common bosom friend (or another significant person) to lead the procedure. Ask him/her to prepare a festive touching speech for newlyweds.

5. Do not make a seating plan for guests. Let them pick their places themselves. Besides, invitees will get in contact quicker.

6. An unusual ending of the ceremony. Be creative and use soap bubbles instead of rose petals at the end of the event. Hand out bottles with soap bubbles to guests and let them shower you when the ceremony is over. Here’s another, not the easiest, but a very impressive option. Let alive butterflies fly at the moment when newlyweds kiss.

7. Add foreign traditions to the event. For example, tie the knot, light a family hearth, or arrange a sand ceremony.

8. Prepare floral decorations for guests instead of common artificial roses.

9. Provide welcome drinks for the ceremony. But here, do not overdo. A glass of champagne will the perfect option.

10. Develop the design of an original wedding arch that will reflect newlyweds’ personalities. For example, it can be made of two materials that symbolize the bride and groom. At the top, they unite and create a common ensemble.

The main thing here is to show your personality through things and decoration. Thus, do not be afraid of being yourself. Adding the rites and features that you like is the best way to personalize your celebration.