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Ways men drive women crazy

A famous proverb says that men come from Mars while women come from Venus. Sure enough, males and females differ a lot from each other but sometimes our dissimilarities can be truly astounding. Below are several funny ways in which men usually drive women crazy at home.

Ways Men Drives Women Crazy

- Making the bed. It’s quite logical that the bed should be made by who is the last one out in the morning. Yet, most men believe that this particular chore is always the wife’s responsibility, or pretend that smoothening a bit the wadded sheets on their half of the bed is perfectly enough.

- Toilet issues. A classical example of what makes women a little nutsy about the house is when the man leaves the toilet seat up. That bitter sense of disappointment when you enter the bathroom at night, feel your way to the toilet, and prepare to do your personal business but then suddenly feel the cold (and sometimes also the wet) of the toilet porcelain, cannot be compared to anything. By the way, some men go even further and don’t give themselves the trouble to replace the toilet paper, so the toilet seat up often comes hand in hand with an empty roll on the roller.

- Kitchen issues. Here is another category of things that most women have to tolerate daily. It includes food packages or containers left semi-opened to dry and lose all taste and flavor, or milk/juice cartons emptied to the last tablespoon and then put back in the fridge. Obviously, some men don’t admit that someone except for themselves could ever feel hungry or thirsty while at home.

- Dirty clothes. Men and women seem to have an absolutely different idea of what should be done with dirty clothes. Men can leave them anywhere (on the floor, on the back of a chair, or even in the sink or in the tub) but never put them directly in the washing machine. Sure enough, going around the house trying to figure out where his dirty clothes could be and whether this or that item needs to be washed, is not the best way to spend your weekend morning.

- Lost things. If a man can’t find something at home, he asks his wife, being sure that she’s either taken that thing or even lost it. Honestly, what would I need your iPhone charger for if I have a Samsung smartphone? You’d better go and look for your charger in your laptop bag since you’ve probably left it there when you came home from work yesterday night.

The list of the ways men drive women crazy is in fact much longer but, no doubt, we do occasionally disappoint our husbands as well in similar situations. This is probably the secret why we love each other and need to be together no matter what.

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