Unhealthy relationship signs

Have you ever wondered whether your relationship is right and happy? Have you ever felt like you’re in the wrong place or next to a wrong partner? Then, consider the following points to understand whether you’re in a bad relationship or not.

Unhealthy Relationship Signs

1. Your partner is not afraid of saying hurtful words. While arguing, your beloved can say hurtful words. Although people tend to say something thoughtlessly, this practice can be an exception but not a rule. Remember that even if you don’t mind these words, your partner will remember them.

2. You don’t miss your sweetheart while being apart or feel happier alone than next to him/her. Sweethearts try to spend as much time as possible together. They feel happy next to each other. If you do not miss your partner, it’s a bad sign. If the person does not bring happiness to you by staying next to you, do not try to stay in such a toxic relationships.

3. You’re mentally far away while being next to the partner. You do not actually listen to your partner. If you’re not engaged mentally in discussions or conversations, it means that you’re not interested in your partner’s matters. As a result, you’re indifferent to his/her life.

4. You constantly try to recall the good times and positive moments with the person. If you’re depressed with the current state, your brain tries to recall something positive to revive feelings. This point can be the sign of a crisis in the relationship or the sign that it is time to break up.

5. Your partner doesn’t pay for you in shops, cafes, etc. Your beloved doesn’t bother to pay for you. It means that he/she is not ready to take care of you. Moreover, the person doesn’t try to please you or show some signs of interest and care.

6. You don’t feel safe next to your partner. A sweetheart is a person with whom you feel safe. If you do not trust your beloved, you do not want to talk about some topics with him/her, this is a sign that your relationship is not so good as should be. You should trust and believe your partner.

7. Your problems are your concern. The partner doesn’t try to help you cope with some problems or trouble. He/she doesn’t care whether you have a difficult time in life.

8. The partner doesn’t treat you as a priority. You should be the main person for your beloved. If two people want to be next to each other, they are of great importance to each other. If it is not so, then you’re on the wrong track. If your partner gives preference to friends or colleagues instead of spending time with you, it’s time to change your life for better.