What you need to know when visiting Dubai during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan - is sacred in Muslim countries. Yet, tourists visiting the city in this period should keep in mind some rules and obey them:

1. When Ramadan begins, foreigners must obey a general rule: like Muslims, they are prohibited from eating, drinking,

What You Need To Know When Visiting Dubai During Ramadan

and smoking in public places. However, the UAE is famous for its tolerant attitudes towards other religions and the secular society in general. Thus, exceptions are made for non-Muslim foreigners. For example, there are cafeterias where tourists can go for a meal in the daytime, but there are few restaurants and cafes; the rest is closed until the evening. In some places, smoking rooms are provided for visitors.

2. The entertainment program for tourists also undergoes changes: attractions cut the visiting time (they are opened later and closed earlier, and there is also a long break in the middle of the day). The schedule is reduced to 2-3 working hours per day in the last decade of Ramadan (some attractions even stop working).

3. As for entertainment, it is recommended to avoid mass fun with songs and dances during strict fasting. Thus, tourists won’t hear live music in restaurants, even during a permitted meal. Clubs and discos generally do not work until the end of Ramadan.

4. As for clothing, there are no special requirements for foreigners regarding garments. To be exact, they are the same as in the rest of the time.

Be ready to face the moment when you will put your socks up to find a place to eat in Dubai after the sunset. After all, people do not eat during the day, so they rush to cafeterias and restaurants in the evenings.

It is an incredibly joyful time of year in the UAE. The city comes alive after the sunset and it is a time of happiness and celebration for everyone in the country. Without any doubt we can say that visiting Dubai during Ramadan is not a problem, in fact it can be one of the greatest trip for a cultural and beach holiday all in one.