How to travel in Dubai on a budget

Dubai lures thousands of people. But the city is considered a rich resort for luxurious visitors. However, an ordinary tourist can travel to Dubai and see all the main sights. The city’s prestigious nature is not an obstacle for skilled travelers. Below, find out tips that will help you travel on a budget.

How To Travel In Dubai On A Budget

1. Visit the city in the offseason.

The period from October to November and March-April are considered the best months for visiting Dubai. The temperature is optimal for both staying outside and swimming. The prices are the highest, and the tourist flow is incredible in these months.

Thus, budget tourists can go on travel in winter. The water temperature is a bit low, but you can always swim in a pool. Still, all the other touristic services will be cheaper.

2. Pick the right hotel.

When considering this issue, note that not only room price matters. Keep in mind such points as breakfast included and transfers. Some hotels offer free transfers to the beach, city center, and main sightseeing. It is recommended to prefer B&B rooms with breakfast including avoiding hustles early in the morning.

3. Use promotions for renting a hotel.

Some websites offer sales or bonus prices for custom travelers. Some resources encourage users with extra promotions for booking rooms via mobile devices, etc. Browse several websites to study the most favorable conditions.

4. How to exchange money?

This is a crucial point for every tourist. And here, keep in mind the following rules. It is preferable to pay for goods and services with a bank card and make sure that money is debited in dirham but not in dollars. Exchange $100 or more. As a rule, exchangers set fixed fees for such transactions. Thus, it will be cheaper to exchange all money at once rather than do it partially.

5. Admire free sightseeing

Most attractions are expensive for a budget tourist. However, there is free sightseeing. When being in Dubai, visit the following attractions:

• Fountains in front of Burj Khalifa.

• Fort Al-Fahidi;

• Spice, gold, textile, and fish markets;

• Jumeirah Mosque (one of the few where tourists are allowed);

• Ras Al-Khor nature reserve, where pink flamingos live;

• Camel racing;

• Laser show at the Festival City Mall.

As you see, every tourist can visit Dubai and enjoy its beauty and atmosphere on a budget. You just need more preparation and skills for cheap trips.