Vintage style wedding details

Surprisingly, retro weddings have become very popular in recent years. Choosing such a creative approach, first of all, you need to decide on the era that you would like to reconstruct. The sophisticated vintage style will create a wonderful setting for the exclusivity of the wedding celebration. By recreating the spirit of a bygone era, you create unique

Vintage Style Wedding Details

memories for the future. Both the newlyweds and guests try on the roles of time travelers. If you like unusual and bright solutions, a non-standard approach, then a vintage-style wedding is exactly what you need.

For starters, is it worthwhile to understand the terminology, retro or vintage? What is the difference? Retro is a term describing antiques with real historical value, used in everyday life in the past, and vintage is a stylization of "antique". Therefore, it is permissible to use both concepts, since, with all the desire to use only retro things when organizing a celebration, it will not be possible. Let’s figure it out a little in style. Retro fashion trends include the period from the 20s to the 80s of the twentieth century. The 20s-30s represent American retro style, gangsters, Chicago. Straight silhouettes, fur boas, long pendants, tiaras, feathers

For men - suits with butterflies, scarves, suspenders, white scarves. The 40s belong to the Great Gatsby style. Sequins, patterns, embroidery, boa, ostrich feathers, gloves, fringe, fur boas. For men: classic three-piece suits, tailcoats, custom-colored jackets, satin collars, loafers or oxfords as shoes, and a cane as the main accessory. The 50s - the time of the great Elvis and rock and roll. Leather clothing, jeans, large metal jewelry, spikes, rivets, glamorous fleece, mohawks, pink and gold, black and silver, bell-bottomed trousers, belts with large buckles.

The 60s-70s - Hipsters, disco. Starched skirts, midi length, tapered trousers, bright colors, contrasting combinations, catchy accessories, and hats. Peas, large cage, strip. Note To understand which direction is close to you, it is recommended to watch several films of that era, dream up, "get used" to various images. Then you can understand which style is “yours”. To create the desired look, pay special attention to the hairstyle, and not only of the bride but also of the groom. It is better to refrain from creative modern haircuts before the wedding, just retro style.

Vintage style accessories for women’s hairstyles play a vital role. The whole image should be harmonious and thoughtful. It is possible not to focus only on shoes; in any chosen style, it would be appropriate to give preference to the classics. Decoration Every wedding starts with invitations. When the style of the upcoming event has been chosen, it is time to print invitations. They should correspond to the era you have chosen and create a pre-holiday mood for your guests. Aged paper, calligraphy, ribbons. A retro car or carriage is allowed as transport. Other options are not suitable.

For a vintage wedding, the choice of location is not too important, the main thing is the created entourage and the decoration of the hall. Therefore, the main options remain standard, a banquet hall, a country house, a park, a summer terrace of a restaurant. But the most authentic options on this list are, of course, a vintage-style country house or also a decorated restaurant. In any case, any interior can be stylized for the era you need. The color scheme should fully reflect the style you choose. An important point is the light decoration of the banquet, mainly light twilight and "warm" lighting.

Check out which flowers were popular during those years. Menus and alcoholic drinks require special attention, if you are recreating an era, then you should stick to the theme in everything. You can only retreat in matters of alcohol because the drinks of "that time" now not everyone can afford. Nevertheless, the choice in favor of the most popular types of alcohol in those specific years is obvious. You can order labels in the printing industry in the style of the selected time period. When decorating the interior, it is very important not to overdo it and not overload it with unnecessary details, stick to minimalism.

The atmosphere should be harmonious and create a festive spirit. Musical accompaniment will play a special role in decorating the vintage style of the wedding and creating its mood. Pick up music from films, popular music of those times, funny and danceable, sometimes lyrical, ask the DJ to show you the selections in advance and develop a joint playlist. The ideal option would be "live" music, which will convey the desired mood and create an environment.

When planning a retro wedding, special attention should be paid to the newlyweds" wedding dance. Even if you only have a DJ at your wedding, try to invite a "live" performer for the main dance of the newlyweds. Contact a professional choreographer who will suggest a dance that suits the spirit of the times and, if you do not have special dance training, will help you learn the version that will be easier for you to perform.

For example, Charleston, foxtrot, disco, twist, rumba, cha-cha-cha, etc. As for the choice of decor for a retro wedding cake, for the 20s-40s. typical pastel colors, elements of gilding, flowers, birds, lace decor. In the 50s-70s. put into fashion multi-tiered cakes, with bright variegated flowers, fruit, and berry taste. Images for guests Inform everyone invited to the wedding about the style of the wedding celebration you have chosen.

Tell the guests what images it will be right to form for the wedding, provide them with all possible assistance in finding places to buy / rent/tailor outfits, because the vintage style is, first of all, your whim and, if you want the wedding to be harmonious, you will have to try a little more than usual. Stock up on extra guest accessories in case someone doesn’t fit the theme. This will help to avoid inconsistency. For men, it can be hats, scarves, neckerchiefs, and for girls, tiaras and headbands with feathers, boas.

The original solution will be made in the spirit of the time of photography and a wedding film. Alternatively, you can combine and get both modern and retro footage. Chat with selected experts on this topic. A wedding video can be made completely classic but create a clip in the spirit of the desired era as a keepsake and decorate the album with vintage photographs. In general, a retro wedding style is a special format of a celebration.

The past century is shrouded in romance, riddles, a touch of mystery, a spirit of rebellion, and elements of the “forbidden”. Plunging into this atmosphere, you will get a tremendous experience, fantastic emotions, and unforgettable impressions.