Valentine's day themed wedding ideas

If you want to choose a wedding style inspired by St. Valentine's, then valentine's cards and silhouettes of hearts will be everywhere. In this article, let’s consider how to decorate a wedding hall and, generally, create a proper atmosphere of this style.

Valentines Day Themed Wedding Ideas

1. Invitation cards. The first step is to inform your guests in what format a celebration will be held, and what the will be wedding style. One of the best ways to do it is to send invitation cards in the shape of Valentine’s hearts. Lovely cards will help understand what invitees should expect.

2. Wedding items and attributes. Along with the shapes of lips, mustaches, and funny inscriptions on long sticks, hearts are appropriate. These are popular wedding items with which guests take photos. If you arrange Valentine's party, then colorful hearts are obligatory items.

3. Hall decoration. Hall decorations should remind us of love and St. Valentine’s Day. There are the following ideas:

- string paper hearts on ribbons or threads and let them hang under the ceiling;

- a silhouette of an angel with arrows should be behind the newlyweds’ table;

- a big heart with cordial inscriptions decorated with greenery and decorative cages will be the perfect photo zone;

- create illumination in the shape of a heart and switch it on when it gets dark;

- guests’ chairs can be decorated with fabrics in the shape of a heart.

4. Menu. On tables, there should be dishes served in the shape of a Valentine’s heart. For example, it can be a salad, jelly, or some desserts.

5. Wedding cake. It is one of the most important parts of the celebration. A wedding cake always draws attention. If you want to arrange St. Valentine’s party, it's better to order heart shape cake. Most of these cakes are not so big. In this case, there is a way out. Opt for one big “heart” cake and little cupcakes in the shape of a heart. Then, put everything on a tray. A big cake for newlyweds is in the center, and cupcakes for guests are scattered around. And give these cakes to them as they congratulate newlyweds.

6. Competitions. It will be perfect if a toastmaster will create an entertainment program that will include some competitions that remind us of this holiday. For example, one person should hit the target with gold arrows. The target is in the shape of a heart.

St. Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love. This style will be perfect for a wedding. If properly organized, be sure that your party will create an unforgettable impression.