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Valentine's Day themed wedding

Valentine's Day is the most romantic Day of the year, and what could be more beautiful than a wedding on this holiday? This solution is ideal for sentimental and gentle natures.

It is considered that the primary colors of Valentine's Day are red and pink. But few newlyweds are ready for such radical

Valentine's Day Themed Wedding

experiments as purchasing a wedding dress in red or pink tones. Therefore, you can do it with bright accessories, such as a burgundy bouquet, scarlet shoes for the bride, or a boutonniere in the form of a heart for the groom. You can also experiment with bridesmaids' outfits: bright red or pale pink dresses are quite suitable.

An alternative option is to choose the vintage style and its color scheme. Lace, soft beige color, noble scuffs - all this will emphasize your individuality in the best possible way.

As mentioned above, the ideal option for Valentine's Day wedding will be a red or pink wedding dress. But if such experiments are not for you, add bright accents to your snow-white outfit. It can be a fur coat, a cape, shoes, or a clutch made in one of the "shades of love." Just don't put on everything at once! Choose one or two beautiful accessories. A wedding dress with a heart-shaped neckline on the back looks very original. Also, shoes decorated with a burgundy or red heart can become a highlight.

The bride's bouquet is an essential attribute of the wedding. The standard option is red or burgundy roses, but you can also choose scarlet lilies.

As for the groom's outfit, here, unfortunately, the variety is not so great. A tie or bow tie of red or pink shades looks very impressive. You can also prepare boutonnieres-hearts for the groom and the witness.

A Valentine's Day wedding is an opportunity to unleash your imagination and decorate your holiday with many beautiful accessories. An arch of red flowers or hearts will create a romantic atmosphere, and a heart-shaped ring cushion will complete the image of your wedding.

Making invitations for dear guests is one of the most critical and trembling moments of preparation for this important Day. When creating postcards, try to match the holiday of all lovers. The overall photo of the happy bride and groom, decorated in the form of a heart, will look very beautiful. Another option is a square or rectangular postcard decorated with a heart-shaped font.

The banquet hall is where the central part of the holiday will take place. Therefore, its design should be approached with special responsibility. Of course, today you can find many companies that will arrange an exquisite holiday for you for a certain amount. But it is much more interesting to do everything yourself, especially when there is time and desire.

One of the most exciting ideas is to design the hall as a romantic city, for example, Venice or Paris. Garlands of paper hearts or red flowers will create a festive atmosphere.

You can also make a place for a romantic photoshoot. Plaster figures of cupids, a bright red heart made of fresh flowers, scarlet ribbons, and velvet pillows in the form of hearts will help to decorate it. This idea will appeal not only to the newlyweds but also to the guests because they will be able to capture the story of their love. Just don't forget to invite a professional photographer.

Lighting also plays an important role. Valentine's Day is associated with romance, love, and passion, so the lighting should be appropriate. Candles and soft light of warm shades will create an unforgettable atmosphere. A place for dancing can be decorated with garlands with red or pink lights.

To decorate the table, choose a snow-white tablecloth — it's always festive and beautiful. Plates in the form of hearts and red napkin rings will emphasize the romanticism of your wedding. Drink glasses can also be decorated with hearts or red flowers.

Particular attention should be paid to glasses for newlyweds. Glasses made in the form of heart halves look very beautiful and look like one whole.

No holiday is complete without a beautiful table, especially when discussing weddings. A buffet is an ideal option for decorating treats for a wedding in the style of Valentine's Day. Canapes in the form of hearts beautifully served fruits and cupcakes decorated with red and white mastic - such dishes will not only delight your guests but will also illustrate the table.

And, of course, don't forget about the birthday cake. Today, the masters make real confectionery masterpieces on any subject. A suitable option would be a cake in the form of a red heart pierced by an arrow of cupid or a delicacy in red and white decorated with figures of the newlyweds. A chocolate cake with red decorations will also look original because chocolate and love are something close.

Don't let your guests leave empty-handed! Believe me; they will be delighted if they take a little reminder of this magical day they shared with you. As a compliment, you can prepare small boxes or bags decorated with hearts and filled with sweets. You can also put a note inside with gratitude for the special day spent together.

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