Do’s and Don’ts for choosing your wedding party

When it comes to planning your wedding party, knowing what to do and what to avoid will save the day and turn your occasion into a real fest, not stress.

Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Your Wedding Party

· Do wait to invite until you've picked the date. If you say “I do” today, but your wedding party will be thrown in 18 months, your inner circle may change significantly over this long period. Hold out sending invitation cards until you are absolutely sure of whom you will want to see next to your side at your wedding ceremony in Dubai.

· Do think of yourself! It is you who sets the rules on your Big day, and everyone should follow them. It is your dreams which must come true today. You are free to have it your own way, and everyone will eventually understand.

· Do include family. Never forget that blood is thicker than water. Even if there have been some frictions between you and your kinsfolk, your wedding is the best opportunity to do away with the whole negative. At last, who else but your family circle is ready and willing to support your marriage ever after?

· Don’t invite someone out of obligation. Your party should be a celebration for special ones – your family and friends you consider close. The quantity should not outweigh quality. If someone has invited you to their wedding some time ago but you do not want to do the same – it’s your choice that must be respected.

· Don’t think everyone will agree. Being a wedding attendant or even a maid/man of honor is a costly affair, not to mention being invited to a bachelorette party or a bridal shower which are prerequisite of any modern nuptials. Prepare yourself that some potential members of your wedding event may refuse the invitation because they simply cannot afford it, and there is nothing to take offense at.

· Don’t exceed your allocated budget. Though every little aspect of the wedding — from the venue to makeup — is going to cost money, consider staying within the sum that you allotted at the planning stage. Remember that your wedding is the start of a new, happy life, and beginning it with heavy debts or even bankrupted is a very bad idea.