Unusual wedding menu ideas

If you want to impress guests and serve tables with unusual and creative dishes, in this article, you’ll find many excellent ideas for a holiday menu.

Unusual Wedding Menu Ideas

1. A frozen cocktail. Freeze fruit juice with fruit slices, and you’ll get an excellent dessert for a hot summer day wedding. Guests will like fruit ice. One more idea: you can add a few drops of hard drinks to this substance. This idea will be welcomed by adults. For children, you can cook non-alcohol fruit ice. In any case, a frozen fruit cocktail will be an excellent option for summer celebrations.

2. Molecular cuisine. It is a modern trend that is widely used in famous restaurants. If you cook some dishes using this technique, be sure that guests will remember it. What is molecular cuisine? It is a standard product served in an unusual way. For example, soup in the shape of spaghetti, or a fried egg from mango and milk jelly. The dessert looks like an egg, but it is a delicious sweet dish.

3. Salad or cocktail bar. If your celebration is taken in the format of a stand-up meal, then it is reasonable to find a place for a “do-it-yourself” bar. For example, guests can cook a cocktail or a salad as per their preferences. Put products on trays, leave cutlery, and let every guest create his/her own salad. The same relates to cocktail bars.

4. Food from entertainment parks. If you arrange a rustic or repro wedding party, then you can leave a place in a wedding menu for food from parks. Recall your feelings when you walk around a park and eat popcorn or cotton candy. Every quest will love and delight in this idea! Not only children but also adults will taste these delicious desserts.

5. Portioned food. If your wedding is held in nature or implies walking around a vast territory, it is reasonable to serve portioned food. Your guests can take some food and walk with it without trying to eat it as quickly as possible. It is a lovely idea for the second wedding day when the celebration is less formal.

6. A chef. First of all, a chef will entertain guests. Everyone would like to see how a professional cook creates eatable masterpieces. Thus, he/she can be a kind of entertainment. Secondly, a chef will cook delicious dishes and explain how he/she does it.

7. Coffee and donuts. If you invite guests for a two-day wedding, or you rent a cottage for several days and imply that all invitees will spend a night there, then donuts with coffee will be one of the best options for the morning of the second day. Imagine that guests wake up, and the tasty aroma of coffee in portioned cups with delicious fresh pastries is waiting for them.