Unusual Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Will Love

The wedding is a responsible event for not only newlyweds but also guests. Every invitee should think over a creative gift.

Unusual Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Will Love

Nowadays, money is an absolute record holder among wedding gifts. Cash gifts are followed by household appliances, a set of bed linen or rugs. These are standard options, which are usually chosen for the wedding.

Meanwhile, some guests want to be creative and present an unusual gift. In this article, we provide some ideas on how to make a memorable gift which newlyweds will remember for years.

1. A trip on an air balloon. Romantic and adventurous couples will love such gifts as the trip on an air balloon or an airplane. The gift will provide an opportunity to see a certain area from a bird's eye view, admire picturesque landscapes, as well as stay alone. In a symbolic sense, it is a chance to spend time in the seventh heaven.

2. A creative photo album. A stylish photo album with creative design will appeal to a newly born family. They will put their common and wedding photos in it. If the budget allows, an invitee can accompany such a gift with a video camera or a simple camera.

3. “Star” gifts. Partners will be surprised if you present them a certificate stating that they have a star in the sky. It is pleasant to know that a planet or a star is named after you. Moreover, such a gift will help spend romantic evenings having a good look at the starry sky in search of your star.

4. Extreme sports trips. Spouses who are fond of extreme sports may love such gifts as scuba diving, jungle trekking or zorbing. You can also present a trip to the mountains, where newlyweds will be able to try rock climbing.

5. A season ticket for tango. If newlyweds are dancers or romantic persons who dream of trying something new and unusual, such a ticket will be a useful gift. Such joint lessons can significantly strengthen their young family, add passion to their relations, and awaken partners' hidden emotions.

6. A whip and a rolling pin. The objects give a hint of remaining faithful to the partner and will serve as an excellent gift. The bridegroom gets a whip to keep his wife in severity, and the bride gets a frying pan and rolling pin. Traditionally, wives hold these utensils in the hands as a tool of controlling over the husband.