Unnecessary wedding expenses you can totally skip

Usually, people try to demonstrate all their wealth during the wedding. They tend to choose the best of the best. But for what purposes? Nowadays, practical economic weddings gain popularity. Thus, today we suggest speaking about wedding details that can be skipped. Here’s the list of items you absolutely do not need at your wedding.

Unnecessary wedding expenses you can totally skip

1. Wedding procession. This detail takes the first place among our TOP useless wedding elements. Weddings processions are considered relics of the past. Nowadays, they are not cool anymore. Why do you need these cars? In order to show your welfare. The best case is that cars will be shot for the wedding film. Otherwise, you and your guests remember them and that’s it.

2. A limo. The same reason as the first point. It is necessary to rent a car, pay money for gasoline, and rent time. If we speak about newlyweds, they can use one of the cars of their relatives or their own one.

3. Shoes. Special wedding shoes will cost twice more. You can find suitable white shoes in an ordinary shop and pay for them twice less. The same concerns other details of women’s wardrobe (stockings, jewelry, accessories).

4. Dress. Decide whether you need a new unique wedding dress. All in all, it will be worn just one time and then stored in a wardrobe. For many girls, it is quite appropriate to rent a dress but save a significant amount of the wedding budget.

5. A wedding steward. It is the staff that is required only for luxurious big celebrations. If you arrange a small closed party, you do not need this person.

6. Handmade invitations. These are very cool and stylish items, but let’s look at things objectively: just like ordinary factory invitations, hardly anyone except your grandmother will keep them as a memory for long years.

7. A wish book. It is a wonderful thing, but let's be honest, did anyone open it at least once after the wedding?

8. A “wedding” pen with a feather of a fantastic bird. You will hold it in your hands for 15 seconds each. Do you really need it?

9. Bonbonnieres. It seems that the item is a necessary and important part of the celebration but the very next day the majority of all guests will throw it in the trash and only the same grandmother will sentimentally hide it on the sideboard.

Well and the like. All these items seem to be trifled. If we take each of them separately, it is not so expensive, but ask any couple who organized the wedding, how much it all costs together.