Unique wedding stage decoration ideas

Everyone tries to organize an event that will be in trend. For this, modern stylistic solutions are used. Each of them has its own features and individual decorative elements. Let’s see what options are available.

Unique Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas

1. “Vintage” wedding style The vintage style is sophisticated and individual. This trend is characterized by a pastel color palette: floral, pink, peach, mint beige, and silver. These tones are often combined with each other. Design in a single shade is also allowed. For decorating furniture and walls, only translucent fabrics are acceptable: batiste, chiffon, organza, veil. They are formed into original volumetric bunches or bows. The tablecloth can have a shiny tint. The vintage style is characterized by plain floor-length tablecloths. However, the style also has chic accessories. Among them are: - vintage rings for newlyweds decorated with various rich stones; - beautiful invitation cards with calligraphic text font; - glasses for newlyweds can be personalized, they are decorated with ribbons, rhinestones, and beads. 2. “Minimalism” wedding style The principle of minimalism within a wedding is considered original. It does not require pretentious decoration of the hall. It is better to choose a room with high light ceilings. In minimalism, clean walls without drawings, and a minimum amount of décor are welcome. Pale pastel colors are chosen as shades: ivory, cream, coffee, peach, and beige. Decorating features include: - standard arrangement of cutlery and other serving; - the use of an elegant vase with greenery in the center of the table for guests and newlyweds; - the use of table vases with various compositions or candles; - invitations in the form of envelopes of the same shape; - using light-colored paper to draw up a seating plan for guests. In this style, it is unacceptable to use multi-layered tablecloths, as well as napkins with a bright palette that stands out against the background of the tables. 3. “Casual” wedding style The distinctive features of this direction are simplicity and conciseness. It welcomes a combination of classics and interesting trend solutions. Design features: - invitation cards in minimalistic style; - holding a wedding in a natural place; - the use of trendy fabrics: linen, gabardine, jeans; - fresh flowers in glass clean transparent bottles instead of vases; - potted plants and garlands. 4. “Greek” wedding style Those who honor Greek traditions will love the design of the wedding hall in the appropriate style. For wedding décor, use grapevine, laurel, and olive sprigs. The main decorative elements in a Greek wedding banquet hall should be: - beautiful wine cups and plates with a gold rim; - the use of flying fabrics as decoration; - placing statuettes of Greek gods on the table; - candles will be a functional accessory to decorate the space. For the organization of the event, delicate shades of a pastel palette are used. Snow-white, peach, and beige pale pink are welcome. Also, they can not do without a natural spectrum: green, brown, golden, and silver. Hall decoration should be done with a white background.