Unique wedding favors your guests will actually want

Every couple wants guests to remember a celebration for years. Thus, sweethearts try to choose memorable gifts that will please invitees. The following ideas can become the perfect options. The below-offered gifts are cute and original.

Unique wedding favors your guests will actually want

1. Scented candles will remind guests of the celebration with a pleasant scent. This is one of the simplest souvenirs for invitees. However, it is very enjoyable and cute. Delightful scents will please your guest on a cold winter evening. The advantage of this favor is that the candle is a useful souvenir. It will definitely come in handy at home. If you pack them in a beautiful wrapping paper or a bag, the gift will give pleasant emotions to invitees.

2. Cones, beautifully wrapped in paper or tulle, will be an unusual gift for guests of the celebration. Since ancient times, newlyweds have pleased invitees with cute favors. Their purpose is to remind guests of the wedding and newlyweds. A beautiful cone will become an excellent souvenir. Moreover, if you decorate it with various details such as beads. Small spruce cones are especially suitable for such gifts.

3. A small bottle of wine or champagne, decorated with a label on which there is a photo of newlyweds. Put them in small craft boxes and tie them with ribbons. Many newlyweds choose this gift. Such a souvenir has become popular since wine or champagne gives a certain feeling of celebration. And therefore, when guests bring such bottles home, they will remind them of the past holiday.

4. A pocket calendar with a photo of the bride and the groom. This will be an excellent souvenir for friends and family. Although it seems commonplace and ordinary, the favor is really useful. The main pro of calendars is their affordable price.

5. Small jars of homemade jam decorated with words of gratitude or touching wishes. Packed in craft boxes, these wedding favors will please every guest. Even those ones who don’t eat jam or are on a diet.

6. Cookies with wishes will also be a great gift for your invitees. Inside each cookie, you can put cute notes with wishes or predictions. Invitees will recall your wedding when reading these sweet words.

7. Glasses with a photograph and the names of the newlyweds will be an unusual souvenir for guests. Guests will drink from these glasses throughout the banquet. When the celebration is over, they will take them away as a memory.

Develop your imagination or choose one of the above-mentioned ideas. In any case, your guest will love crafted or homemade favors.